How to increase Attack power?

Please help me understand Attack power build up???thank u. For prompt reply :rose::dragon_face::rose:

I am just as confused as youโ€ฆ it has something to do with you den stopping your visual attack power but I can see my AP in battle mode and itโ€™s a whole different story.

221M vs 529M :man_shrugging:

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The bottom one counts all your dragons up while the top one only factors in the top 3.


I believe there are other posts in here about this topic which you can search for.

Attack power is just the attack rating of your top 3 dragons active in your roster (denoted by green text on your roster)

It varies with dragon buffs and what dragons on your roster. It also is impacted inconsistently by when a dragon is recovering.

Individual dragon attack power is based on runes, buffs, research, spells, attack and hp.

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