How to increase Perch's atk?

Briefly, how do I increase Perch’s attack?

What matters, the level / tier of the dragon Or the level of the Perch ?

Ps. I equipped my Perch lv31 with Expert Kelvin and then with Expert Anapa and the Perch seems to have the same attack.
I know the bonuses derived from the different rarity of dragons and Rider.
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level the perch & dragon


What about dragon tier?

You can see the attack power of each dragon in the assign dragon menu. Its the number next to a white flame. It is higher for higher tier dragons and it also grows as you level them up.

So Perch level does not matter??

it matters beacuse it allows you to put higher tier dragons

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You’ll see different values between the different dragon classes and more/less levels, maybe. Comparing the same class across different tiers, higher tiers do more damage, assuming the dragon is being leveled. An expert of a lower tier can have higher damage than a partially leveled dragon of a higher tier.

Anyway, perch damage is pretty useless in comparison to leveling your towers. It can throw people off having a super high level perch… but speedups would probably have been better spent on DPS towers.

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But as i saied, i tried Expert Kelvin and expert Anapa and they have the same atk when equip on Perch… So still dont understand

So, level up my Perch will not increase his atk like the other turrets? Considering the same dragon
Example : lv31 Perch with Haushet do 355k dmg. Now, a Perch lv45 with the same Haushet will do the same dmg??

Kelvin has 35 levels, anapa 30… maybe thats why.

No, it’s opportunity cost. Instead of using speedups/resources on your perch, you could use it on attack towers instead.

Also… perch damage really isn’t worth worrying much about.

Look at perches here. % goes up.

that is correct. You will increase hp but not damage. To increase damage you will need to change dragon or level up dragon.

But as i already saied, my expert PLATINUM kelvin has the same atk of my expert SHAPPIRE anapa…


As I said, my guess is that you expert kelvin is level 35 and your expert anapa level 30…
If both were level 30 then your anapa would do higher damage in perch…


Kelvin is a stronger dragon then anapa even though they are on different tiers

ok I understood but the doubt remains.
I give an example:
Anapa Lv30 on a Perch Lv31 makes 323k damage per hit (boosted).
Now, if I put Anapa Lv30 on a Perch Lv45, will the damage remain 323k or will it be higher?
I mean?

Why is this so important to you? Perch damage is negligible.


because i want max it.

The percent of the dragon attack increases with every perch level. And as you get higher tiers, the dragon’s attack is stronger. Once you get to Harbinger on a perch, the attack is strong enough that if the perch cannot be disabled, it is generally unwise to just fly past it.

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