How to know the Right RUNE is working

Recently, I have this legendary double blast rune which indicates for explosive shields double explodes.
Could I put it on dragons with ability of blazing shield, heat shield, static shield, shield blast instead of explosive shields ???

No, you cannot. It only works on the spell named.

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No. The name of the rune must match the name of the spell EXACTLY in order for it to work! Don’t put it on a dragon that does NOT have explosive shield.

How about dragon with steal essence ability ? which when hit the blue mage will give the explosive shield spell and in this case could I put this double blast rune ?

Yes, it will work with steal essence as long as the spell u get exactly matches the rune. However imo double blast isn’t worth the slot. Explosive Shield runes are better because it makes the Shield able to absorb more damage before exploding.


Oh the good ol’ days when i had tarands exshield buffed above 60% lol right before they limited white exshields buff capability.

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My sekhem has rage,explosive Shield, invincibility and invert runes epic or legendary. Highly recommend those because invincibility also boosts freeze and invert has rage as a secondary effect.

Just for information, Epic and legendary runes with same name can have different secondaries.
For example: A legendary rage can have experience boost as secondary, cloak as secondary or even invincibility as secondary. So you need to check the secondary effect before equipping the rune.
So it is not correct to generalize that Invincibility also boosts freeze. It really depends on the rune the player has.


Doesn’t work with steal essence. I asked pg about this once and they confirmed that a rune doesn’t enhance SE spells

You’re kidding me… pic?
Edit: your news is shocking to me, would you mind posting a pic or ticket number to definitely support what you’re saying?

They definitely do enhance stolen spells. I stacked my Rizar with invincibility runes back when plat was top tier and it made an enormous difference in how long invincible shield lasted. I recall this being confirmed on the forums by an employee before. When support and an employee on forums disagree, go with the forums

what if you put two same rune name but different with the level such as Mystic or legendary and epic ?

They stack

If u can equip it, it stacks

what happens if both legendary and same name ? will it crash ?

They stack as long as secondary boost is different

U wont even have the option

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When I put on two legendary rage with secondary different name is ok ?

Dear lord…

This. :point_up: