How to know the Right RUNE is working




sorry another meaning for stack here means double up the power ?


To combine


if I put 2 epic rune exactly the same even the secondary name it will stack up




You can’t equip them! Please read damn it!


I repeat last time…


You’re overthinking. Exact same type (rune or glyph), rarity (legendary, mythic, etc.), primary, and secondary won’t equip, so they can’t stack.


Ok I think i got it.

  1. same rarity but different name is ok
  2. same name but different on rune and gylph
  3. different rarity with the same name is ok

Cannot put exactly the same name , rarity and type together


Science you are wonderful :wink:



Each its own class, section, category, whatever u wanna label it as, and from epic up u will have a primary and secondary…if IDENTICAL(both primary and secondary exact same) then you will not even be able to equip it on the same dragon so concern is all for nothing :slight_smile:


Fantastic picture illustrate clearly for me. Thanks dear



I couldn’t find my old response from pg, so I asked again. As u can see runes do not enhance stolen spells from essence (steal essence or extract essence)


I posted screenshot in this thread —unfortunately they definitely do not enhance stolen spells …this is coming from pg directly.


I don’t trust support and neither do many others. They’re frequently wrong and different support agents often contradict each other


@PGPulse @Arelyna, mind confirming if his support contact is correct?


I bet $20 that response comes from the fact that “runes only work with the spell named” response they have been told to give. I am 99.99% positive a reverse projectile rune impact SE.


Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay in response. I spoke to @PGPulse about this, and he said that “Yes - Runes will enhance stolen spells and even consumable spells.” Hope this helps!

Legendary Elemental barrier glyph?

@arelyna - Consumables spell is equivalent to add on spell on the dragon ?