How to know when attack power is high enough to level up?

Hello all I’m a beginner and I’m a level 34. My current Attack Power is 91.4k and my Defense Power is 21.3k. I have done research online on tips and a lot of people say to not level up too fast or else my dragons will be too weak to take on higher level bases which is what I’m afraid of. I have a level 3 spindra and a level 2 Leos and some other epic and rares. However in order to level up spindra and leos up more I need to be a higher level to upgrade my den.

So my question is, how do I know when I’m good to level up and when I should stop and level up my dragons? If I didn’t hold back on leveling up I would probably be a level 42+ but I’m concerned I’ll just get demolished due to weak dragons. For example is there some sort of Defense to Attack ratio people use? I did try researching this topic but couldn’t find anything. Any help would be great thank you!

Basically, you just don’t want your base getting too far ahead of your dragons. If that happens, it will be hard to kill bases at your same level, and hard to get XP or resources. If you have a few dragons that need the den upgraded, then you are ready to level up to the proper level to do so.

Also, when it comes to defenses, quality > quantity. Only unlock a couple islands early on and work on making strong towers.

Just visit this link and it will tell you when to level.


A rule of thumb I used and worked pretty well is to always have a 3/1 ratio between your attack power and base power when at your level.

3 to 1 does not always work if you build a strong base. I am level 72 with level 10 divines, and my dragons are not even 2x stronger than my base. Basically what I go by is whether my dragons are denlocked.

The dragon check-in is an excellent resource. However, I do disagree with some of the lower level criteria. With the advent of divines, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to waste time maxing out dragons like Hydron. Just get those dragons to breedable and leave them behind. Even Amarok is not really worth it in my book, because he has no elemental resists. Too much work leveling him up with too little reward. And don’t get me started on Green Legendaries :joy:.

Find yourself a good breeding guide, like Red’s breeding guide, which is on the same website as the dragon check-in. Follow the guide step by step, and upgrade when the next step requires it and you can’t go wrong. Plan out your fortification and breeding events so you can get where you need to go.

Finally, welcome to the game. It is a while lot of fun. Be sure to poke around the forums to find more cool information about the game.

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Yea, I hated this rule. Especially between 84 ish and 114 ish, it’s just doesn’t apply. As stated elsewhere, def stat is the most useless stat in the game, so using the dragon checkin and amoeba building stats to make sure you’re building the highest buildings for your level.

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I always considered the attack power of the dragons being more important than the base defense numbers. We all know any base can be taken. Even a full 60 tower base. Most important to me is the dragons attack power, thus the 3to1 rule of thumb is a good approach. If your base is 3M unboosted, be sure your 3 best dragons give you 9M unboosted too. If not, don’t upgrade your base. Work on dragons to get there then upgrade your base.

And that’s where I disagree. I have 91 mil AP, and 30.3 mil dp, which fits into your 3:1 ratio. However, I just uncapped my builders hut twice, which means I’m going to jump from 41 towers to 45 towers come fort event. My divines are capped at level 40, which means that my AP is going to stay the same but my DP is going to go to 40-50 mil :man_shrugging:t3: You’re saying I have to wait 2 more months till I get my second garnet to level up according to the arbitrary 3:1 rule, while instead I could follow the dragon check in and amoeba build page and build the highest towers for my level.

Yes. Your dragons will not be able to take out 45 level towers, so you’ll not be a lot of help in a war. At least it is how I see it. Your 160 base will always be taken out by a higher level player. But you, (if u follow 3:1 rule) 'with your dragons power, will always be able to help another higher level player to finish a higher base. IMHO a player with high attack power gives more choices when it comes about war strategies. But again, this is my opinion, you are free to do what suits you best.

My hauheset, nec, and spindra disagree :man_shrugging:t3: (Check your replay).

It’s true, but until after a few tries :man_shrugging:t3:

But to tie this back in on topic, the dragon Checkin is good as far as what dragons one should have per level, and amoeba is the best resource to use as far as what level unlocks which towers. Using these two hand in hand are a fantastic combination.


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It also helps that you’re a fantastic flier on a team that knows how to defend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah Lutrus defended a simple rss run I did on mechengg. Come on let me have one! :joy:

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Just to entertain this nonesense :slight_smile:

So, since my attack power to defense power is almost 9:1, that means that my base is too low? I mean you are saying if your dragons are less then 3 times the defense power you need to stop leveling? What should i do? Level 100-200 more levels so my dragons AP can be 3 times the DP?

Coach, why don’t you read what I really said ? And as I see, your base numbers and your power dragons fit exactly the ratio I told above 3:1 - unboosted numbers - from those numbers and your base I know you got your Mythic garnet. From what I see there is no nonsense unless you guys don’t want to see it. You told everyone you like your base and you are happy with your dragons power… so I don’t see anything wrong with the rule of thumb I mentioned.

From my point of view, you are a player who knows what is important in this game - balancing dragons power vs base. :+1:

@TheRedDelilah - I think in the last lines of the table we should read Mythic Emerald instead of Legendary Emerald. Am I wrong ?

Best advice I ever got…

Do not listen to people when they say slow down on leveling! I build 24/7 and have never had any problems or difficulties with constantly building/leveling.

I personally have never witnessed anything bad at all from leveling as fast as possible. In the beginning I was plagued with level caps on Dens not being able to level or evolve certain dragons or not being able to breed certain dragons or incubate the eggs because you are not a high enough level! So there is definitely some not so great stuff with being cautious and trying not to level so fast…

But For leveling fast is great as long as you are active with your breeding, xp runs, etc then you will not have any problems…Another huge thing is you get tons more Xp with leveling so you’ll be able to level faster, breed faster and with doing so you will have stronger dragons…

If you are behind in breeding or with leveling dragons I could see how it could become a problem But stay active and spend your tokens wisely and you shouldn’t have a problem :+1:

Soooo Build Build Build :grin:

It was too late I was looking at my medals rofl instead of DP…
Anyways while it may fit 3:1 it’s still nonesense in my opinion no matter what you tell me. Just go to Reds check in and it will tell you when to level…

As a fellow beginner, I’ve had a bit of an issue outbuilding my dragons around late blue/early orange. Next fort event I didn’t use all my timers and I got to a nice place, getting my first green eggs at 40, just high enough to incubate them.

After that the dragons seem to come quicker, I’m now level 47 and already getting my first gold eggs, so in the next building events I plan to burn all my timers again and push for 63. The extra xp from being higher level helps a lot with my leveling new dragons.

After that I expect my building to slow down a little again as I’ll need time to get the eggs for gold legendaries and move to platinum. In general I’m aiming to to hit the next tier of dragons around the level I can incubate them, so I want to be around 90 when I get my first platinum eggs, 108 when I get my first garnet. Then probably spend a few months mastering Hauheset :smiley:

Coach, I agree with Red’s doc and what you say about following excel files, but again, when I started to play, this document wasn’t available so from my experience that rule 3:1 worked nice for me. Even now there are people in the game who have problems following a simple excel file for breeding, so my answer was for those who don’t like looking up an excel file every time they don’t know what to do.

When you can’t level a base of your level with any of your stronger dragons that means you overbuilt. You should stop building and start training/breeding your dragons.

You have to be 108 to have your plat legendaries breedable, and you need those breedable to breed sapphire dragons, and then you need to be 126 to get sapphire legendaries breedable, and then 132 to get sapphire mythic (hau) breedable to make your garnet drags. You spend more than a few months with hau just getting from sapphire to emerald/obsidian, so no worries about that.