How to know which event is next


Hello I will like to know which event is next? Thank you


Welcome to the forums. There is a lot of wonderful knowledge shared and discussed here, so be sure to use that search feature before you post!
Below is my reply to a similar post. The calendar is updated every Monday, usually around 3 PM EST, but there’s some variation. Also in the thread I linked, Red has her twitter that she updates when the new event is known if you’re on twitter:


Thank you for your help and I will search before posting. Thank u once again


Youre an employee? :thinking:


That was strange to me too.


That’s really strange. How come an employee from PG asking such a basic question? :thinking::thinking:
Flag it just in case


Thats how. And no, i am not a PG employee. Reporting it right now.


How did u do it mate :rofl:


Not telling. Trying to get out of it. Im not the fuzz… @PGJared

Whew, thanks. Crisis averted.


There was a group that gave the employee tag which somehow became joinable by anyone. I’ve killed the group just to be sure.


I am not an employee… I dont know how I got that from!!


You joined the CampusLiferTest group also refered to as CL_Test. It was in the groups section, it was owned by PGcampuslifer. That group has been there for about a week now, but until recently no one had joined it.


Thank you… yeah I did remeber join in. Since, I am new here still trying to learn. :blush:


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