How to level Danav while on perch

Hi all…
I will maybe have a chance to get Danav before season’s end for my perch, especially that Girasol is my perch Dragon and they both have the same element… So gear is not a problem… my question is the best strategy to level up Danav. My perch is level 57… I don’t care too much about Danav as an attack dragon, but don’t want to wait and level him up to max before using him… My current dragon tier is Vanguard… what should I do? Bring him to Vanguard and perch him and anytime I move up my tier take him down, level him up and put it back on perch (mainly during fortification)…?
I gather that with a dragon that can go with me all the way is better than keep looking for higher level ones… was planning on gettin Oni, but would be a waste of egg tokens… thanks for any help…

you can either level to vanguard wont take long at all!
2. you can set on perch and remove once a day for multis and place back

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Can level him through Den
Can also stack exp before perching him

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So, can I unassign him, do my 3 or whatever runs I want, and reassign him without waiting 24 hours? That will be great… tks…

Correct. The cooldown is for removing a dragon, so as long as you don’t assign a new dragon you can put the old one back without waiting. It will still take 24 hours before you can remove him again of course.


Great… problem solved…thanks…

can always do a perch level if wanted to to speed that time up other then that i would level it

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