How to Level Trappers/Taunters

Its been over a year and this issue still hasnt really been addressed…

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The new solution is to gloriously seek out siegers at enemy castles and hit them so you only perma lose 20% instead of 40%


Nothing wrong with perma loss, if you arent risking anything then people treat it differently…they need to be able to transfer glory or something. But how many people just leave seigers out I wonder…

Surprisingly quite a few… :joy:

I get transferring glory as a mechanic. But that’s like saying I’ll just sit on the bench while Jordan goes to work and in time I’ll be as good as him by doing nothing. So I’m not really for that idea.

Also, each prime has their own jobs. Trappers are not there to attack. So they need a way to gain glory. But the current glory mechanics is skewed entirely to attacking. That is a big issue imo.


Yeah, since unless you can find someone willing to gloriously die against your base, you’re going to lose a hella lot of troops gaining the glory needed to level those defensive prims up :unamused:

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But youre all playing for the same team…do your points not count towards the team score? Pretty sure Jordan can go off for 50 and still lose? Why? Because the team score is pooled and while one might get more glory, they share in the win/loss benefit.

Haha doesn’t apply to transferring glory or experience from one to the other I’m afraid. That’s like Jordan’s pay being divided up between all the team members just because he’s part of a team.

Or to use a game example maybe when you buy a pack or work towards something, the entire team should get it too even if they did nothing? You’re very altruistic… :joy:

Yes main game works like that but I’d rather it not be rolled out further than it aleady is.

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Though how much will PG charge to transfer glory from one prim to another? An arm and a leg feels a bit cheep considering their historical costs for transfering xp…

Hard to say, its a bit different as it already cost you due to using your troops to get the glory and the fact that leveling dragons are not the same…technically getting xp with each class is almost identical but in this case getting xp for these are remarkably harder.

No balance.

Perhaps trappers and defensive primes need a different glory mechanic? A better way to measure and reward their progress.

Right…we will probably all be dead before PG learns what that word means so Id rather see an easier fix in my life time.


For trappers, attack siegers. Same glory as a sieger attacking a trapper.

But their conditions of availability arent the same as long as people have half a brain…


Hmmm, yet people as a whole can surprise you at how little they seem to actually think things through.

I’m glad I have both of my trappers up at expert, don’t need to figure out how to more ideally obtain glory with the new rules

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If only I was in that boat :joy: I don’t even have a silver trapper yet :sob:

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Mine is just lv 5. Still wondering if I should ditch it and focus on Destroyer instead :thinking:

My trapper is 9, my destroyer is 10, going on 11. Not sure how much more glory I need to max it out since it’s still upgrading… I want to see if I can’t get my trapper some more glory before the revive mechanics screw leveling it up over…

Edit: I now have enough xp on the trapper to get it to lvl 10 :grinning:

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let sell: GLORY POTION

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not sheep, selling drug that make prim think it is fabulous