How to make Atlas fun again part infinity

As this game approaches the crossroads of either:

  1. End of life or
  2. Changes that energize the community and attract new players

I have some thoughts to share that could help move the game towards what I would consider more enjoyable…a war game. I know their are some bright folks in these forums. As such, these thoughts may already have been conceived. If so, great idea.

A. Reduce the numbers of teams with Atlas access. I don’t mean target pirates either cause I’m one of them and our team is in the top 400 Atlas rank. The egg token census results that I see posted suggest 30k participants each week. I am sure that includes alts as well. There is no need for 1200 + teams. At least 400 teams need to get chopped ( 400 teams = 1 mega alliance :grin:)

B. A SLIGHT shift in atlas rewards from individual to team. Currently a team can reap huge benefits from Atlas just by having friends. There are teams in the top 400 that don’t really fight or do things that contribute to the bottom line. I understand that there needs to be some sort of revenue coming in to support this game. Don’t give teams everything they are getting based solely on having castles and infrastructure. Make teams earn a multiplier or bonus each week based on team atlas activity.

The rabbit hole goes much deeper than this but I’ll stop. The more changes you propose, the higher the expense = dead project if revenue doesn’t increase. I do think changes similar to this can help create a larger base of healthy teams, encourage players to want to move up into higher leagues, and discourage low member pirate teams. ( 50 active pirates together may just take a castle now and then )

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How would kicking several hundred teams do anything more than make them quit?


How many teams need to exist to provide Atlas access to all active players? If the egg token census results are in the ballpark:

30,000 players divided by 50 (capacity of a team) = 600

I’m saying chop 400 from 1200 = 800 plenty of space for all

1200 is too much. This will reduce an unnecessary gap where large players hide at the bottom making them a less appealing target.

I see where you’re coming from, but people can’t just fit in the gaps of other teams, nevertheless if there is space. I’m all for a purge (and entry) system, but based on merit not just numbers so “there are enough spaces”. People like their team, their friends. Some are too small or inactive for teams that may have space.

To get rid of the sandbaggers, we just need to make it more worth while to move up than sit at the bottom. Right now it’s exactly backwards.


You forgot option C.

Find a new game.


Or the ever popular option D, whine on the forums.


Did my post really come off as whiney?

Seems to me, based on the steadily shrinking player base, ideas about possible changes should be presented.

it’s an old game, that’s moving towards this… no matter how hard pg decides to try.

sure, some changes may lengthen it a little longer, but…

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Nope, wasn’t aimed at you, sorry if it seemed that way. More that it’s a popular option for people to pick.

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I suppose my question would be this:

How does either component of your solution solve the problems with Atlas?

A) Reducing the number of teams isn’t beneficial. Atlas has a lot of problems, but “People being able to choose what team they want to be on” is definitely not one of them. If anything, it feels like catering to an arrogant handful of teams at the very top, who use terms like ‘ants’ to refer to lower-ranked teams.

B) Shifting rewards from individuals to teams is a nice thought, to encourage cooperation, except for the part where it means that the people already on top benefit the most, and the people further down benefit the least. Atlas will not be improved by widening the gap between the top and bottom teams.

Some more useful ideas:

  • Find a way to encourage teams to hit at or above their own ranking, and discourage hitting down, or below their own ranking

  • Find a way to make castles both very defensible (say, from sniping) and very conquerable (to prevent the map from being too static)

  • Find a way for positioning to matter, but without creating a ‘meatshield’ phenomenon, or encouraging teams to avoid holding castles

  • Find a way to discourage the formation and/or maintenance of larger alliances

  • Find a way to make large-scale battles more positive and rewarding, to encourage large-scale combat rather than sniping

Those could be some good starting points :wink:


Well Atlas Lag is allready crazy high, adding more Teams would make it worse. I think removing dead Teams from Acess isnt a bad idea at all.


tbh, i wish pg decide to get a more expensive service for their server.


I thought it hit that crossroad years ago… it’s been on life support since obsidian. Maybe even earlier.

Regardless Atlas can’t be saved, PG ruined atlas when they made it so essential. OP gear is now the focus of most players (with good reason, it’s OP and therefore essential). Also daily payouts in Atlas is higher than D1, which is also kinda insane. Everything about Atlas is OP and therefore dumb. It’s not a fun side game like it should be, it’s the main game now. If it was still a fun side game where people didn’t care if they lost 1/2 their troops it would be fun. Now it’s all politics and other BS to maintain ones Atlas standing. It isn’t fun, and won’t be fun until it becomes a side game again, which it won’t.


The biggest issue is this. Players quitting the game entirely. Not atlas per say or how many teams do or don’t have atlas. People are literally fed up. They’re exhausted from glitches. Exhausted from “playing catch up”. The free dragon tier really pissed off a lot of people as well and many of them are not coming back to this game.

Sure some are tired of atlas politics too but the root is the glitches. I know a few people who quit after flying together for years because they couldn’t take the issues with the game - for example it constantly crashing.

We’re in a bad spot. I agree partially I think many teams should simply consolidate. Stop creating “shell” teams. Dead teams need to just die. Instead of “taking over” an atlas team people should join established teams. It’s ridiculous everyone wants to be the head honcho on Reddit and here. Just join an actual team and let the dead be dead. PG should start culling off dead teams too. Force active players into established teams.

Not having enough players on your team makes for an overall shit experience. So they either do that or lessen the amount of players required on roster.

This is a wound that needs more than a bandaid.


Undo the last atlas changes, it has become almost impossible to be active in atlas f2p. Defending costs too much for too little (could as well be 0) glory. The difference between spenders and no -spenders is too big.


“how to make Atlas fun again”.

You lost me here. I never found it “fun”.


The atlas issue is just that the biggest clan alliances are way too powerful

Like in the real world, it’s what happens in a capitalist system and Atlas is the most capitalist part of the game. Nothing much can be done about it. Not to start a political discussion here btw.

Atlas is fun - if you’re attacking.

Defending a castle is not fun. Therefore, give up your castles if you don’t enjoy defending them and go for glory by being offensive.


That’s not true. Defending a castle can sometimes be fun, but it can be a relief when the pvp shields go up.

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