How to make ballistas more fun!

Ballistas suck. We all make fun of them. We all wish could have the resources and timers back… we all would gladly return the xp they gave us.

But what if they didn’t?

There are different kinds if poison. Some straight up kill you, some paralyze you, or make you weak.

Here’s my proposal: Change ballista damage so it is comparable to a storm tower, and make it all at once. Each regular ballista a dragon is hit with reduces that dragon’s dps by 1% for 5 seconds. Each supershot reduces dps by 25% for 5 seconds.

dusts off ballista towers in storage

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Lots have thrown around ideas but I don’t think Ballistas are ever coming back.

I’m afraid making them as powerful as a storm tower would still make them useless! Nobody uses a storm tower because they are powerful! The shield is obviously the main benefit there…If it was just as strong as a storm tower it will still have a much slower attack speed and I think it would still be useless.

The only way ballistas would even be useful imo was if the tower itself was a lot stronger and it had a VERY STRONG poison with a much longer duration.

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Yeah but think…even with the buff ballistas are still completely worthless. Since every higher level base is pretty much dominanted with flaks and turrets ballistas pale in comparison to the amount of damage they deal. Trebuchets are also falling out of favor with higher levels too for the same reason.

Ok… but it doesn’t have to be about the damage they do, it could be about the damage reduction they inflict on dragons… drop a dragon’s dps by 50% fir a few seconds and 1 good tower can knock em outta the sky…

Or make ballistas supershot empower surrounding towers with poison atk :smiling_imp:. 5 poison stacked atk hurts btw. :smiling_imp:

Yeah… I think damage over time is less useful than weakening a dragon for a few seconds though… and less interesting.


Dragons have a body temperature which runs much too high for poison to be effective. It is almost instantly metabolized and broken down into non-toxic compounds.

Unfortunately this unique and amazing dragon biomechanic was overlooked when defense towers were designed. No changes to the poison will make the ballista effective.

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It’s a synthetic blend with nanites. :unamused:

According to loading screen tips, if ballistas aren’t being effective it’s because we are not poisoning the dragons early enough.

Target the eggs…


Hahaha… that’s funny. :sweat_smile:

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In the past two years PG has rebalanced Ballistas twice and even released special runes for them (which they made worth shit with the second rebalance attempt).
Tons of players (including me) have given suggestions on how to fix this tower on the old forums.

Nothing has worked so far and PG’s resources are probably better spent on something else.

Anyways, good luck with your thread.

Yep… probably not going to change.

Just thought I’d throw it out there… got inspired after I posted what felt like my millionth ballista joke in another thread… ah well.

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