How to obtain a seasonal dragon?

Noob question:

So I want to get one of the newly released season dragons (e.g. Re’gyn) - they say you need mystic fragments for that.
So I got me a few mystic fragments.
How do I get an egg of one of these dragons? I don’t see one in the Regyn season branch prizes.


Festive dragons like Re’gyn dont use mystic fragments, they use dragon shards (Re’gyn shards) to level. Once you obtain any amount of those shards his egg is automatically added to your incubator. You can get his shards 2 ways, from the festive line (gives you enough to level him to Empyrean) and from Draconic chests as possible drops

Note that if you wanted to level him up to max tier you would need all (near all, not sure on the new drop math) of the 600 draconic chests at the end of the festive line.

Blue mystic fragments are just for breeding lineage dragons.

Note: NEVER buy draconic chests from the armory with rubies, they are too expensive and too hit or miss. The only time to ever get draconics are the ones offered in lines, mostly from the end of the festive line (and even then only if you are getting hundreds of them).


Thank you!

Unless you have a deep deep deeeeeeeeeep pocket.

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What if you have deep but empty pockets?


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There are devices to help with that


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