How to Obtain a SUFFICIENT Amount of Egg Tokens

So I’ve seen people level 120-300 (I’m level 126) with 200K-300K egg tokens, and that leaves me baffled. How do they do it? I usually start a breeding event with about 50K-80K tokens. I’m getting to some of the more exciting tiers in the game, and more expensive. I’m in Sapphire tier (bred Sekhem, Scorchil, and almost Anapa). And with the excitement of breeding higher tier dragons, all I really want is to be able to breed MORE dragons in these events. To do that, I will need more egg tokens, which is why I’m asking how I can obtain more between events. There’s gotta be something I’m not doing in order to get at LEAST 100K tokens. I collect the league tokens, collect tokens from balloon (first prize is timers and other two are toggled to tokens), and frequently grind atlas rider missions for tokens. Am I missing something?

Out of the above screenshot, I’m hoping to breed Apophet, Chompa, and Iteru next breeding event. Trying to finish Anapa’s last 100 fragments this breeding

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If you’re talking about event points, remember that mystic fragments do give a substantial amount of points for the event. And with the season structure are quite easily obtained.

Other ways are egg token bonuses definitely help. As well as opening gold chests during pvps (obtaining inner fires and energy packs) which will help you get to later prize tiers and more bokens.

If wanting to grind for more you can switch the one hour mission back to egg tokens and grind a few of those a day (or speedup the one hour missions with rubies and grind a few a day as well)

Just a few tips off the top of my head


Grinding eggs using the egg balloon. Speed them up using rubies (having elite and the 125% egg boost def helps), only have ember in your roster, strip your base, and have msmersy bmed.


Change it back to eggs…right now. There is absolutely ZERO reason for a player your level to be worried about timers


I hate grinding … sorry lutrus … nothing against you grinders it’s just not for me!

If you’re the same, I find that having an elite account saving up your chests for the first pvp of a season and then only opening chests during pvps is enough to ensure I hit the last team prize score every event and then the eggs just happen.

If you’re not going for a mythic than the egg token boost line is great too but you need to do enough missions for that to be worth it!


The most obvious answer that no one will mention: be on a good team. My first team I did not realize how bad it was. I get that you have to start somewhere but you need to be on a gold/platinum team with atlas and infrastructure. You will immediately double your current daily amount. Couple that with grinding ( I know you hate it)…no reason you can’t get 100K-120K.

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Not completely untrue but even a plat 1 team with average infrastructure is still only (roughly) 27k egg tokens a month

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I know where you’re coming from…it just seems that you get more of everything…the point really is you do more harm to yourself hanging around too long with a team that doesn’t have 50 members all pulling the same direction. If your team struggles to get enough points to get the 5th team reward…it’s time to pop smoke.

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If you do what Lutrus suggests, just Ember, store all defense towers, at least have x2 egg bonus, it’s a quick grind. I think I’m getting 1000 tokens per 440 Ruby’s during breed event. With elite.

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Oh don’t get me wrong I know it’s effective but I’d rather spend twice the time flying different dragons for different missions.

Every time I try to do a grind for something I get bored about 5 runs in, it’s like dieting to me … as soon as I tell myself I need to eat healthy all I want is chocolate :confounded:

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“Ember only in roster” is useful only for saving food and potions. If you’re fine with spending both, then go ahead :slightly_smiling_face:


You underestimate my will to find a base that completes as many missions as possible in a single run sir :sweat_smile:

Laziness is one hell of a motivator for efficiency!

Again I absolutely do not disagree with the grinding ember being a great way to get eggs, but not everyone has the time/patience/will to do it, so I’m simply pointing out it’s not the only way to get a “sufficient” amount of eggs


Set a daily egg goal for yourself. I shoot for at least 5K a day, 35k a week. If I get more than 5k in one day, the next day I still shoot for 5K (no carrying over tokens to the next day). With atlas, rider missions, and egg missions, 5K a day is easy to do and will net you at least 140k tokens a month (you will still need to grind to the end of the breed week). Add on top of that weekly event prizes and gold chests and should be able to net 200K easily.


That’s actually pretty smart. I’m gonna start doing that :+1:t4:

Since you already knows how many egg tokens you will need for the next breeding event, what you need to do is to set a target goal of egg tokens to earn everyday. This is after you subtract all the egg tokens you will get from team hall, atlas mission and atlas infrastructure, and quests. Then you would need to update it every after event to add the ones you get from chests (bronze and gold). This would in turn scale down what you need to earn from missions.
Yeah it’s not as efficient as others are doing but it will not burn you out from grinding those egg token missions. Grinding will bore you fast specially if you attacking the same base over and over again.


If you have Atlas, rider missions provide a small amount of tokens about twice a day and it adds up pretty fast.

Also remember the rule of thumb for speeding up blimp missions (with elite/token boost it is much more efficient):

  • 1-hour mission: speed up anytime
  • 4-hour mission: speed up around 2 hours (or when ruby cost is 2x what the 1-hour mission costs to speed up immediately)
  • 20-hour mission: speed up around 4 hours (or when ruby cost is 4x what the 1-hour mission costs to speed up immediately)

Also if you want to set a goal for tokens, why not go the extra mile and find a season planner :grin:?

Season planner link


What do you mean by “strip your base” does that mean store you towers? If so how does that help when speeding up egg missions?

Yes it means storing your towers. The missions to destroy towers or destroy a particular kind of tower depend on your base. If you have no earth flak you will not get missions to destroy earth flaks, if you have no ballistas you won’t get missions to destroy ballistas, etc. Mages and farms/mills don’t trigger missions. And the number of towers depends on what you have on your base as well. I think for the specific type of tower it’s 2x, 3x, and 5x however many of that tower you have on your base but don’t quote me on that lol. If you only have farms/mills (and maybe 1-2 mages to discourage attackers) you won’t get missions to destroy a particular tower type and the number of towers for the generic destroy towers missions will be very low. Can’t remember if mages and farms/mills count as towers or not for the purpose of calculating mission requirements. I actually don’t store my base on the rare occasion I do grind missions :sweat_smile:


Get atlas
Do well in atlas
Run 2 sets of 3 rider missions daily
Don’t speed up token missions w/ rubies
-Save them for opening gold chests
Go farm bronze chests


grind, grind and grind :expressionless:

  • get 125% egg boosts
  • you can speed up egg mission using rubies but they are expensive than before
  • atlas rider mission
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