How to obtain breeding tokens (beginners guide)

This is mostly for the newer players looking for a quick review of the ways to obtain egg tokens.

There are many ways to get them, some requiring daily check ins and activity, others requiring progress in events, and of course if you spend money that will help as well.

Hope this helps!


Good basics video. Some comments I would add;

  1. Evaluate at the start of the season whether the egg token boost is right for you. If you are a lower level player, getting the egg token boost is usually mutually exclusive with getting a mythic dragon. The sigil budget for both just isn’t there. If you are on the fence, get the egg token boost only to the 100% bonus. You get a LOT more bang for your sigil buck at 100% than if you take it all the way to 125%. Also consider what event the season starts on. If it starts on breeding, there will be 4 breeding events in the season. Remember that the egg token boost doesn’t work during breeding. So for a 4 breeding season the egg token boost wont work for almost a third of the season. You get a lot better value out of it on a season where breeding is the 2nd event of the season. Claim the discount dragon in week 1 and the boost in week 2, and then your boost will only be wasted 2 weeks out of the remaining 11 weeks. Also consider how much you will be able to get on every hour and do an egg run. The bonus is useless if you cant do the egg runs. So if you anticipate being very busy and not playing much during that season, skip the boost. If you choose not to get the boost, farming rider missions during breeding is an effective make up method which can recover quite a bit of the tokens you otherwise would have gotten from the boost. But you’ll have to be prepared to grind a lot and spend 4-5k rubies on the 1hr missions.

  2. Atlas - if you don’t have access you better get it or else quit the game. You will never keep up without it. All of the game “balance” at this point assumes you have atlas. Not just eggs, but timers for fort, and tower strengths assume riders with gear, etc. Change teams to get atlas if you have to. Not having atlas is the same as not playing this game actively anymore. Go to a Gold tier retirement team if that’s what you want.

  3. Atlas Rider Missions - You only need the rider star token things at first. Once you have enough spare riders with strong enough gear, you wont need these anymore. But at first you will only have one or two riders and they will be on your best dragons to using them on missions is too much. Later on you will have 6-8 riders and some of them will be on older dragons you dont use except for invaders, those can be sent on missions without spending star tokens.

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Maybe for some, but I’m pretty active in atlas for a year now and I still don’t have that kind of spare gear lying around. I only have four 5 star riders, who are running my defense and my main divines. My spare riders are 3 star at best, and only for some elements, so I still run most missions with tokens.


Why should the bonus not work during breeding? I get exactly same token for missions than in any other event :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You get 100% token bonus during breeding automatically so 100% bonus ain’t a bonus to 100%, so “not work”.

125% bonus is still a 25% bonus though during breeding.

Unfortunately the 100% egg token bonus does not stack with the 100% bonus they give us during the breeding event.

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The 100% bonus from the seasonal line SHOULD stack with the 100% bonus for breeding pg is just too greedy to let players have a win at all. They proved this with the year of the…joke which is exactly what this year has been, one big giant joke and a slap to the face of every player that plays this game most just dont know it.

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I think the question ia (and I ask for help because I don’t remember)… Seasonal egg token bonus 100% was deployed after or before the regular 100% boost during breeding? That should answer if they must stack or not.


Therefore the sigil cost already includes the math that the boost is not available 1 week a month. It that sense, to make it stack would mean a sigil cost increase.

Yep that makes sense :slight_smile:
Basically, getting the bonus is so that you have the bonus during all events instead of just breeding.

There is a minor flaw in that logic - the sigil cost generally remains the same from season to season, but the number of weeks you benefit from it will either be 9 or 10, depending on how many breeding events in that season. So shouldn’t it be cheaper in the seasons with 9 weeks of benefit than in the seasons with 10 weeks? Or are you thinking its priced for 9 weeks of benefit and you just get a bonus when its 10? 10 is more common than 9 - 9 only happens 1 season per year (the season with 4 breedings).

Are we really arguing over 1 week of boosted zeppelin missions for a few sigils?

9 v 10 weeks, who cares. It works out to a difference of 45 sigils for the 100% bonus, I say deal with it.

If you don’t like it, then don’t get it.

You spent sigils on 100% token bonus for your zeppelin missions. Did you ever get less than 100% since you claimed it? No? Then this is done. You didn’t exchange your sigils for a 100% bonus over the rest of the player base. You exchanged your sigils for a 100% token bonus over what the base value is.

PG just decided to be nice and throw people a bone during breeding events.


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