How to obtain Moonfang


Hello all
I have all the three dragons from this event, but still can’t obtain Moonfang. He appears in the event window, but there isn’t a claim button on its portrait.
Can somene give me some advice?
Thanks a lot


Did you hatch all three dragons :dragon:. I heard that was what you had to do. Just curious.


Did you claim the obsidian stone for Spindra, Gargula, and Cimmerak?


Ya you need all stones for the three main ones… not just have the dragons themselves.


This has been asked in my team chat and league chat regularly, has to be the graphic on top of the Season tab throwing everybody off. Maybe add Obsidian Evolution Stone text beneath each dragon’s information section adding up to the Mythic next season? Also, when you click on the Get Moonfang icon it reads Obtain Moonfang Orange Egg but does not reference how. Maybe change to:

Obtain Obsidian Evolution Stones for Chimerak, Spindra, and Gargula to unlock Moonfang’s Orange Egg.


Ohh, I understand. Thank you. It sounds nearly impossible to obtain all obsidian eggs first, but ok, I’ll give it a try


It is designed this way to that moonfang is a very rare dragon to obtain, only meant for people who spend a lot of money in the game. It is a premium reward


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