How to promote a defensive rider?

If a defensive rider is bonded to a dragon on a perch, it gets glory when defending, right? How can I get attacked? I made my base weak and filled up my storage hut, but no takers. Maybe during the fortification event.

Or I can take the rider and bond it to a strong dragon and go attacking in Atlas. But I’m only getting a few hundred glory each time. Really slow.

Any advice to speed up the process would be appreciated!

Only in atlas. The glory it gets is a percentage of the glory your prim get depending on your troop loss and your troop kills so have to be in atlas for defender to get glory.

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I usually just move maxed gears to the rider and bond him/her to one of my dragons that I mostly can fly against 2d+ successfully, and then go on a hunt for awhile.


Find a swap partner on a different, ally team, and exchange glory hits with them. You can control the percentage better l, believe it would be each player using 40k troops to exchange hits at the same time and level the rider up MUCH faster BUT it gets troop heavy so be careful.

I did this when I was on a team that wasn’t very atlas active several years ago and it was the fastest way especially if you aren’t good at countering or don’t have a strong enough base to make glory worth it the normal"slow" way

Generally its
destroyer against destroyer using 1 dragon each
Taunter against taunter using 1 dragon each
Destroyer against taunter using 1 drag only
Seiger against trapper or the other way around using two drags each.

NOW there are many factors that effect this such as prime tier, if the prime has been boosted from atlas prime branch , player level, glory percentage of that players team and several other factors so, find a swap buddy, go through some scenarios and see what works best for you. Eventually it becomes second nature

Ok ok rant over

HA to some this is like opening Pandora’s box! There are many ways to get glory and this is one many use. I suggest find a calculation tool if you go this route it will help them.

Completely forgot about those since it doesn’t do me any good at this point in the game lol.

See? There ya go, good reminder

The methods to level non-champion atlas riders really arent great. The idea of putting a weak rider on your dragon or perch to hit or get hit is pretty flawed. Like DxR said, find a swap partner and slap the rider on a dragon with some gear (defensive or offensive).
There also isnt much reason to level old def riders anymore except the defender. They’re all inferior to the atlas champion riders which dont need glory anyway.

Something importnt to keep in mind is that glory gets divided up among all riders used. If you have a def rider on a perch and you have multiple perches up then any glory from being hit gets divided amongst them. Same with attacking, if you use 2 or 3 dragons (not counting followers) and each has a rider then any glory a one of those riders gets divided by 2 or 3.

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