How to recruit bigs

we are a plat team currently, with several in the low 200-150 range. the bulk of the team is 75-150. the question is can you recruit bigs 300+ if so how? with atlas in the near future not looking to be undermanned. thanks danceofdragons

If your highest level is around 200, chances are the highest you’d be able to get is 250 or so. The problem arises with xp runs and not wanting to carry the team in wars. I would expect most level 300+es to be vying for Atlas and a solid team in Sapphire at the lowest.

I’m no expert on recruitment, but my advice would be to just grow as much as possible as you are, and once you do get Atlas use that to get a couple more higher levels. In-league recruitment of teamless players and any from general Line chats might work. It may also do you well to seek out teamless bigs and send them a message; perhaps they’ll gain interest and join.

Hope this helps!

recruiting is very difficult, the game itself isnt set up for it well. to send blind invitations is pointless. thought maybe trying to absorb a failing teams core, really just looking to replace some alts but a couple of heavy hitters on the team would be nice

Offer to buy them many presents and shower their families with appreciation


Pack a week for a 300?

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