How to rune Sho?

I haven’t seen it posted yet, but other than the branch runes, what’s the best option for runing Sho? I’m not holding my breath for invoker specific runes any time soon, so need to know what works best (possible runes that help out namaka)

Well the only runes that work with invokers are:
-Namaka’s runes
-Sho’groth runes
-Rage runes
-A handful of non dragon class specific mythic glyphs that can be found on old seasonal dragons like Nollaig or Leos.
-Wisdom Runes


What was said above is probably the best rune-wise. Not much you can do for either Invoker than to use eachother’s Runes/glyphs and rage.

The best way to spec them both out is to make sure that you max all HP gear as quickly as possible. All their spells work off of the modified HP stat.

What they said :point_up:t2:

Appreciate it! That was about what I figured

If you’ve played long enough, there’s runes that came with neptus, Leos, and Nollaig that are generic hp/attack runes/glyphs. Also the runes for the current invoker and previous invoker (namaka). Besides that it’s just rage glyphs basically as were Mentioned above.


Hmmm. What if I was to tell you their spells were not necessarily as important as their primary attack?


I would say that each is to their own and entitled to their opinion. Or were you looking to discuss the point and not just assert your opinion?

I was mostly pointing out that just because the spells are hp based doesn’t make it better, and reminding you that your opinion is an opinion as well.

Happy to discuss, although maybe not this thread. When it comes to what works better on a defended base there is easy math to show which has more potential. Not everyone’s play style is the same so different things work for different people. I would personally encourage people to try things out for themself and see what works. (Obviously runes don’t currently move but you can change riders quite easily)


Also Kirin’s mythic rune

It would be nice to start seeing some invoker glyphs added to event prizes. They certainly dont seem to be showing much effort to support their new fancy class.

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