How to save defence run videos?

Hey everyone! Just dropped my first Noc (also first obsidian) in war and I really want to save the video of that run. How can I do this?

Edit: I’m on iOS

In settings:


I love you :heart:

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Happy to help boo. If you need further details, holler

shoot, I was going to post it but you beat me to it red :slight_smile:

You must be using that fabled “farms out front” strategy that is super hush hush right now right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe it’s your own recipe of low level perch and archer on your mage drain that has em stumped?


Shhh that’s a secret!

Here it is - so proud - thanks to @Coach and @mechengg for all the base building tips and tricks!

Edit: don’t knock Fire Turrets - it dealt the knock out blow as designed :rofl:


Very nice

Any help for android users?

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Is it even possible? For android users? I have never found a way to share replay videos.

@forScience might be able to help for screen recording on android.

Assuming an unrooted phone/app without insane permissions, the recording app, e.g. Play Games or YouTube Gaming, typically needs to be started before launching the game. For Play Games, you have to navigate to the game, then tap the camcorder.

From there, you can go back into your own replay and record it, but it’d be harder to catch a teammate’s defense, as you’d need to leave the recording app running. I’ve noticed that the recording app also times out after not interacting with it for a while (probably the phone thinking that it’s inactive, so reclaims the memory).


Too bad I can only choose one solution :slight_smile:

Grumpy the dream crusher


Thanks forScience. I just hope that the memory wouldn’t drop even more (I’m using 4GB one).
Perhaps I’ll try first for some usual runs.

4GB should be good, as long as you don’t have other apps taking up memory. There’ll sometimes be a bit of distortion at the beginning, but it clears up pretty quickly.

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