How to slap mega alliances with a better new land

My understanding of the “need” for mega alliances is that its mostly protection against bigger teams. Here is what I think reduces this need using mechanics we have now that I think are conceptually good but need a few tweaks so the players like to use it.

Separate atlas in brackets based on atlas power rank and have one island for each bracket where the other brackets cant move to.
The brackets are determined at the start of every season and cannot be changed throughout the season. Im thinking a season is short enough to keep it interesting and long enough to not have a team try to drop down a season to acquire R3s easily and move up after.

  1. After it is known which team is on which island each of them is regenerated and the castles of those teams are put in an equal spot.
    • Equal spot refers to the location in each cluster, which we know from the new lands.
  2. Each bracket would get lower (or same) tier castles than the bracket above them.
    • The top one would have T6, T5 and T4; the next one T5, T4 and T3 and so on.
    • In order to prevent sandbagging there should be limits in how many of the R3 and R2 castles a team can own.
      • R1, R2 and R3 would mean the low, middle and high tier of each bracket
    • When a team drops down (or ranks up) their T6 would become a T5 (or their T4 a T5 when moving up).
  3. Primarchs stay on the castles, guards over the guard cap get converted back to team glory (could be put on other owned castles that arent at the cap yet instead) and infrastructure upgrades past the limit would either be put in the storage or the gold cost for the levels above the cap put in the bank.
  4. Any travelling primarch is put to its destination, then:
    1. Any primarchs on a castle that is not owned by the primarch owners team is unsummoned and the troops put in the prim owners barracks.
    2. Any primarch on a castle owned by the prim owners team moves with the castle.
    3. Any primarch on a save zone is unsummoned and its troops put in the prim owners barracks.

I’ve also heard often that the blockade timers being so short now is causing problems. Since these new islands wouldn’t have stupidly deep castles (which I think were the reason for implementing this) we could lengthen blockade timers again.

All of diamond and sapphire is 275 teams, I would suggest the brackets be 275 teams and the lowest brackets to share T2-T4.

Set passage list to 1 team. Roughly 1/5 of teams overall (on the same island) so why not 1/5 of available passage. Or scratch it altogether, afaik 5TA “has passage” already anyway.

This map would not have any resets, so no effort put to waste. Dropping down would cause your castles to loose worth and moving up would increase it.

There could be a small island in the middle, consisting of just SZ and NML. It would replace the current “main” island, everyone would be able to move to it and it would be called “Big Aligane”

Which parts do you like and where have I overlooked something that could easily be abused?

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Anything different that would make Atlas fun would be welcomed in my eyes. Much rather compete with teams that are 50 APR points above or below than 200 either way! Being able to have a competitive map with team vs team would be great! Alain maybe delay could be based on troop load, under 5k is 30 seconds 5-15k is 60 sec, greater than15k is 90 seconds. I mean in real war you would see big armies advancing ahead of time. Love the creativity of this though.

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