How to spend 319k diamonds?

I need advice. I have all 3 prim slots open. I want only elite gear for my quasar, gonna try for mythic later. I got two elite pieces for him. Is there a way that i can calculate how many atlas eclipse chests should i open to finish a line, hp especially? how many chests needed to complete a line?

has all the costs, including running totals. Expect an average of 100 badges per chest.

(sheet is from an old season but still unchanged for this season)


Thanks, i thought i hoarded enough but i couldnt. maybe next season.

why not get more glory and use your diamonds for troops? thats how you get mythic gear, not diamonds.


Not sure your level but that would get you a lot of egg tokens for breeding today. With AE that’s what I use my diamonds for till I get to end game.

mythic is not what i need currently, i am in emerald tier. elite gear will be enough.

I maxed out my seasonal dragons for my level. Thanks.

It is usually better to claim shards from the atlas branches, and craft elite gear. Otherwise you will not have enough shards to level the gear.


While I absolutely respect your feelings here (and would agree to an extent), I would like to urge you think about pursuing mythic gear sooner rather than later. It currently takes 2.5 years of active atlas gameplay to get a full mythic set; so, getting it now will help make sure it’s available to you when you do feel you need it.

With the end of Eclipse season we are 6/10 seasons through the ten season rotation required to get all mythic gear leaving a minimum of a year until there is likely to be any change. That’s two full sets that you could have. Just food for thought.

Edit: For clarity, I say “full mythic set” referring to all 8 pieces for all 5 elements and both* attack and defense.

*getting both in one season is highly activity dependent.


I strongly suggest you don’t use diamonds to buy atlas sigil chests. It’s a very poor conversion.

You’d be better off using them for troops to revive. You’d get more glory parking a max troops trapper in aligane all day every day and being slaughtered. Then revive troops using your diamonds as needed. Use diamonds to build new troops too since you lose 40% of your troops each time you’re killed. (You revive the other 60%)

As an added bonus you’ll get primarch glory and can level your primarch up in primarch event.

Also don’t claim elite gear from atlas season lines. Build it yourself in the forge. It’ll take a week or two for a set (if I remember right) but it’s basically free (it takes few shards and a good bit of time).

When you get to elite armor prizes, scroll over and claim the 500k shards of an element you need to level up your gear. This will help you A LOT more than just getting a level 1 elite piece as a prize.


Bro, you must be crazy to use diamonds to open atlas chests
I have over 1m diamonds, and I don’t even look at those chests

Can I have some? Please? :grin:

You guys are great, thanks. I got some elite pieces from lines, but now it makes sense to claim 500k instead. I didnt notice how diamonds are useful during troop building too. I am using them now.

For mythic sets, i think they dont worth the effort for now because of my lvl and tier. I didnt change my mind in that

You will get mythic by default though as you start gaining glory. My first few seasons in atlas I hit the first 2 rows of every gear branch to get the 500k shards. now tho I focus on the mythic branches because I can get both offensive and defensive branches complete.

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