How to spend rubies efficiently?

My question is, what is the most beneficial way to spend rubies?

Let me qualify by saying that the goal would be to 1) gain egg tokens 2) gain tokens and timers 3) sigils (in that order). I’ve searched in forums and wasn’t able to quickly find the answer.

My first thought is gold chests since it knocks all 3 out at once, but wondered if rubies are better spent grinding egg tokens through the balloon and timer missions (once they are released). Timer missions don’t seem to be the best bang for the ruby however.

If there’s another thread already, please feel free to send me in that direction.

Most efficient:
Tokens: speed balloon missions
Timers: speed balloon missions (the new timer missions)
Sigils: buy super sigil chests

Most beneficial:
Tokens: gold chests in PVP
Timers: gold chests in Fort
Sigils: gold chests in pvp


Give them to your wife


The best way to spend rubies is gold chests in fort.
It gives the greatest benefit to overall account progression

*gives less tokens/ruby but the ratio of all rss received is the best

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Is there a big difference in ratio for tokens in pvp vs breeding?

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Thank you MBN


Gold chests during breeding gives you more tokens but the other prizes aren’t as interesting (food packs!?, xp potions…) so, if you absolutely need tokens, it’s best to open in pvp.

As MBN advises, opening gold chests in fort gives the best overall progression because they drop the highest combination of token/timer/ember. So opening gold chests in fort and farming eggs token by speeding up missions is a great tactic if you have eggs tokens boost. To farm tokens, you might want to watch this video by @Shivenzo


I would add that if timer missions are anything like egg token missions, you should absolutely not speed up these missions unless you have the timer boost. It’s a waste otherwise.

Also if you absolutely need a huge load of timers and only timers and you don’t want to grind it, the forge pack at 5900 rubies gives you 455 hours (about 19 days, 13 rubies/hour). I think it’s only available during Fortification. Gold chests are still the most interesting value though.

If I’m wrong please let me know, I don’t want to spread misinformation especially since the missions aren’t available yet.

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If they get rid of the wood pack then yes I will use my rubies to open gold chest during fort

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Same. I get so angry every time I get a wood pack. I only open during fort if I have to (not enough embers).

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Fort also drops fire/ice shards, which I don’t want/need. I only opened during fort if the chest drop gods had elemental embers lined up for me - but with chest drop info now hidden, it is PvP only for me.

This. If only we could see the cadence and know if/where we got the needed embers. Hiding it makes things appear too much of a random loot crate now. Before we could verify it wasn’t. Who knows what happens now…


I’m hoping to a 10 pull of all xp potions and lumber/food. Oh boy it’ll be like Christmas!! /s

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Absolutely… and elite too

Except elite doesn’t double the timers in missions… Yet. :exploding_head:

… Wait…

TIMER MISSIONS SHOULD BE DOUBLED DURING FORTIFICATION EVENT! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

(Ok ok… I better calm down :sweat_smile:)


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