How to spend the last sigils

So ive been storing sigils for a while now, which gave me some options… thing is, Im not sure what way I should take and thought it would be a good idea to see what higher level players think i should do.

  • take Avyx to platinum(even though i just barely started breeding gold tier dragons)
  • take Equestor to Gold
    -Capn’ Tor Rider

Always try to get stones for multiple tiers past what you are currently breeding. If you are in gold, sapphire is the bare minimum I’d suggest going for. Gold will not last you very long, a month or two at most.


I think better to go for platinum Avyx. Next season, most likely there is a discounted dragon. It won’t be long before it can be obtained, thus you’ll have 2 divine which last longer.

(assuming that your sigils aren’t enough for more)

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I would suggest platinum.
For the next season, don’t open several lines -open just one, but till the end. Which one -depends on the skills of available dragons.
I would suggest to open bonus dragon line for the first two weeks, then wait until the 3rd main dragon is known (wait for 2 weeks, and collect sigils during that time), and then wait for feedback on dragons. After that choose one and open its line till the end (obsidian evo stone for now). Even without donation, it is possible to get obsidian, as soon as you are active in events.

Equestor! And the advice offered

Go for Tor. This rider will stay with you. You will get some other good dragons in your way up.

Focus next time on one dragon and one rider. That’s the best bang for the bucks.

Never understood the “get all dragons to gold stone approach”. You end up with crippled irrelevant dragons.

On my mini I always finish a complete line I just stop at emerald and get all riders I want and if I have extra sigils left I take the obsidian stone.

Everyone can do what they want but this is something I stand 100% behind it and works extremely well for me.


It makes some sense for the first season or two, as it gives you a somewhat bigger selection of strong dragons now, even if you’ll have to bin them later. Getting all of them seems excessive though, in my first season I started halfway into it (and without any clue), so I only got green Spindra and gold Gargula. This season I got the rider, plat Leos and sapphire Avyx.

I feel I have enough options in my divines now to last me a while, so next season I’ll go egg bonus, probably a rider, and a single dragon.

That’s my mini all are lv 45 and have the final stone (Astor and snowdrop need to wait for the feeding event but will have similar AP).

These event dragons which go up to emerald/obsidian will fill my roster for another year so I cannot complain by any means.

If I would go for gold or sapphire stones these dragons would be irrelevant.

best bang for no bucks :see_no_evil:
best bang for bucks was neptus, wasn’t it? :joy::joy::joy:

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For the virtual bucks (rubies) and for :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: yes it was Neptus

Do you think its worth saving rubies and trying for mythic hunter next fall?
Consider I am level 71 and saved up about 50k rubies this season after using some here and there out of desperation.

Of course! Save also gold chests and progress slower for the next 6 months but you can do it.

Don’t use rubies before super sigils chests tho so maybe 8 months chilling and not using stuff

but then, do you think i can get enough rubies? i spend nothing. Elite sometimes but that’s about it

Just do the double egg token bonus only and save everything you can get enough in 8 months

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Your mini >>>> maxi of most players… :joy:

That’s why it makes sense for you to complete a line. OP is likely below 100.

Mini started also as a lv1 :man_shrugging:t2: And did this ever since

Fair enough. But you also have enough experience to know what dragons are good and what you like to fly. Most don’t :joy:

That’s why they always can ask for advice here :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Teammate of mine grinded all last season and saved, managed neptus this season. Think he came in with like 200 golds and 150k rubies(?) @Archiee. Open wisely, super sigil, and grind more. It’s possible, just a looooot of slow work. Personally tried, but don’t have the patience :sweat_smile::joy:.

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I started saving 4 weeks into the Fall season and entered Winter season with 200 golds (roughly) and no bronzes. I can’t tell you how many rubies I had but at that starter point I had none and I reached this weekend with 155k rubies. I bought this seasons breeding token line first and then started avyx. By this weekend I was at the garnet stone for gladicus (second dragon) with all gold chests gone. So the 155k basically got me up to and including neptus and this event will see me finish the first page of Tor to go with it.

It’s taken a lot of self control to save that amount of rubies but I’d like this as proof that the league chat line of ‘only spenders get the season mythic’ to be seen as incorrect. Neptus is at sapphire now and I love him.

Would I do it again? No.