How to stop a farmer


I am witts end! I am ready to quit the game. I dont know the guy don’t know why but for 5 days I have had a guy farming me. I have ignored him thinking he would go away, didn’t work, wrote his lead (who took 3 days to reply, but said she would tell him to stop) finally got mad and hit him back, got friends to hit, ignored him again, wrote his lead again, and finally wrote him and got reply back he love girls like me and gold and was going to continue.

I have dumped all my resources, but am so frustrated right now really ready to quit. this is plain bullying, makes the game miserable to be hit multiple times a day…

any suggestions to preserve my sanity?


Evasive approach

  1. Change your IGN
  2. Ask the leader to help stop farming.

Aggresive approach

  1. Farm him back
  2. Farm his leader and the entire team.
  3. Take their castle.
  4. Massive assault to their team.


What is your leadership doing to resolve the situation? They need to be putting pressure on him and his team too


Hire a merc :eyes:


Orca done all the above😭


Grumpy you for hire?:joy::rofl:


Who’s bullying you Suzz?


I am seriously ready to quit his emails back just mocked me, told me he loved gold and bad girls and my new IGN proved it


Join my team and we’ll make him regret :smiling_imp:


PM me


On a more seruous note, farming is just idiotic. Never accepted it. Never tolerated it. Never allowed it unless against guys like yours.

If his messages are offensive in any way, try and report him to PG


His messages not offensive just biligerent and full of himself


Block this user and just ignore.

Don’t keep gold. If your team has castle - send everything there and ask back, only when needed. If no castle - just use all gold to build/revive troops - there is no other regular use for it anyway.

That person wants attention. No attention, no resources - no interest.


Report his ass anyway. Im sure you’re not the first or last having complaints on him.

What lvl are we talking about?


246 same as me


So not invincible at all. Sounds like a creep on a powertrip. Whats your team doing about it?

Also, ignoring him and storing all buildings but farms is a proved method to bore him to death


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First change ign and your portrait then put him on block list and maybe ask to become an officer of a period of time to confuse him.
Also I’m surprised the leadership have not done anything to help you.
And last thing if you really want to make him lose track of u change team as well but that is a drastic step


Find their castles :eyes:


Usually you’d think talking or messaging the leader would stop it.

None of that’s working? :pensive: Looks like you’ll have to do something to make them listen?
The team stronger then your team? Do they have Atlas?
Maybe take their castle that would surely get the leaders attention :joy:
I know your situation isn’t funny, not laughing about the farming.
Hope it stops for you!