How to stop a farmer


Let’s start a Riot :eyes: anyone? :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:


What’s the team name?


Maybe farm his leader non stop? So he gets the message and conveys it to the arse

Edit: by farming I mean all your team, every day and multiple times per day. Teamwork :smiling_imp:


I say your whole team farm that guy, then he will stop. :man_shrugging:t2:


Chaning her name won’t work, as she has messaged him


Yes, I saw that late after posted it.

Still, aggresive approach can be an option.


Share her nickname and team… i’ll farm him back for you


I had once a farmer who hit my mini 6 Times back and that every day. Well in fact it was one day bc I pulled my main and farmed the officers and leaders and then everyone who was ONLINE on their team. When more logged in I farmed them all.

I ignored the first „please stop whining“ from their leadership, also the second and then I asked them that this one guy needs to apologize (to my alt :rofl:) and also the leadership.

They did and problem was solved.

I also might or might not told my team to hit everyone online. :woozy_face:


Don’t hit the farmer back, it usually does nothing. Best thing to do is farm their officers and more active members until they ask you what’s up and you can explain to them


In case that the leader is being naughty, farm their alliance leader? :thinking:


@SuzzQ if I recall properly I think you had a farmer experience in the past too. Or am I wrong? :man_shrugging: What is happening SuzzQ? PM his IGN I’ll help you. :smiling_imp:


Real tough of this guy trying to “flex his muscles” on an even level. I’d be a little more impressed if he was under 200; as it stands it’s just pathetic. You’ve already heard the worthwhile suggestions above. I’ve dealt with farmers attacking myself, my team mates, my wife; in my experience they only back off if you prove yourself more ruthless. Call in favors; roll him and his team into the dirt. Love tapping him and asking nicely will get you nowhere. Make his actions harm his whole team.


Honestly i feel most players are too sissy in this game and tbh at times it almost feels like daycare. Its a game, farm back, who cares? Have fun.


To add to this very good point,

The only rss worth defending in this game is gold, and there are easy ways to avoid it,

  1. Use banks to store it.
  2. Only farm as much as you need.

Wood and food are easily obtainable in low-mid level range, no reason to even care if someone keeps farming you for it. Except of course during fort/feeding, in which case you’ll get farmed regardless so it doesn’t change anything.


Get your team to practice waves with him as the sole target.


Drop his IGN. I’ll make him a celebrity.

Also, I think @Odin had an anti bullying group. Not sure if he still does.


Reply back to him that if he likes you so much would he do you the favor of holding his attacks to no more than twice a day.

The other aggressive approaches above can work if you’re strong enough relative to his team’s players, I wiped a team multiple times and sent the players a copied message indicating the situation, who started it, and that their Leader failed to put a stop to it. After 1 day I had the Leader contacting me indicating no one on his team would hit me in the furture. Wanted a truce. So, solved the problem but think about how much time and rss I used to do so and back then, there was no Atlas.

Now with Atlas you have to be careful. Is his team in your Alliance? If so your Leadership can reach out. If in a different Alliance really have to be careful of repurcussions against your team.

I assume your team has castles? If so, ignore it and just take advantage of your banks.



pm his name or post here, we can all visit.

I Don’t think it’s me…




@SuzzQ, please don’t post the name here, don’t make this a call-out thread if I may ask.


Party pooper. :crazy_face: