How to stop a farmer


I can’t be the only one who loves being farmed… :flushed: right?.. no sarcasm at all. There’s just something about knowing someone wants to challenge you to a farming battle… it just brings out the “bring it bitch” side of me :heart_eyes::drooling_face: so fun honestly. I’ll spend all day having fun with that.
Probably also helps that I don’t give a flying fladoodle about my rss… :joy: I’ll just pull from bank when I need :woman_shrugging:t2:


Snowflakes smh.


Do they not realize that I can always just retype what I said… :flushed: basically said I love to be farmed because it makes me competitive and I love to kick ass :partying_face:


There’s very little reason for that to have been flagged. Unless the flag was offensive language I don’t see how it holds any weight at all. Seeing how other people handle farmers is the entire point in this thread.

I agree with most though, the best retaliation for me has always been to hit their castles. Even mass farming with friends in return holds little value. Feel free to PM coords. I like glory parties :new_moon_with_face:


Certain words auto-flag by the system.


I would not break forum rules. I would not call him out here.


Well he is has no team any longer. It looks like his lead booted him or he left, nevertheless he is still hitting me less then an hour ago.

I have blocked him from messaging me. Reported him for what ever good that will do…

And whoever ask me didn’t this happen before, yes, last time it was my big mouth that got me in trouble, this time I haven’t a clue why the guy started farming me.

I did a egg run on a guy last year, and he got mad it was his baby account and started farming me and sending me nasty emails. My big mouth got me in trouble, as I sent him a note back Thanking him as I had to much lumber anyways. He got worse and declared war on our team.

This guy I just can’t figure out what his issues is. I don’t care if he wants my food and lumber but I don’t like that before I can get gold in the bank he is slamming me for it. And a little hard when you have Elite account to Not collect gold. And the dang screen shaking every time he hits me is getting old.


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No it is against forum rules. I am not going to start a call out thread. Don’t want to be banned from forum.


Didn’t know that well he can change his ign but not his lvl if the guy knows his guild name he can find him again so it just defeats the purpose of changing it but he can ask the guy guild leader to have him stop attacking him that’s all I can think of


Already have ask his team lead three times. She replied with she would take care of it. This morning he has no team. But since he emailed me he might be able to change his IGN but should still be able to find him.


There is no rule to have a call out in LC


I had a particularly toxic player farm me last year. No idea why. It goes to show that some people are just dicks.


I bet he a way higher lvl than he is


Best way to get egg token missions done is on farmers :slightly_smiling_face:


I have people who I only farm for token missions and I just destroy building I need to destroy if I need successful attacks that’s what atlas is for if it’s resources I only respond in mail by sending just need resources for token missions


Honestly the best thing you can do is not let it seem like it’s bothering you. It won’t stop it your reacting to it. Sometimes the best thing to do is get some thick skin and get super competitive and have some fun :smiling_imp: don’t let it bother you.:partying_face:


I was tired and hurting last night. Tired and hurting make a really irritable me… Slamming me for days in a row and then the emails he sent set me off. Short fuse when I am tired and hurting. The support today from friends has made me feel much better about the issue. It is just frustrating that there always has to be some jerk.

I play this for fun, not to be harassed by some idiot on a daily basis. I was not being looking for sympathy just a solution to get the jerk to quit. I had tried everything I knew and nothing was working.


best bet, block him so you don’t have to read the messages… and then ignore the hits. It’s just not worth it, and eventually it’ll stop bothering you


No use getting upset. Learn to ignore. They’ll tire out sooner or later.