How to stop a farmer


I had an issue with a farmer a while ago. I changed my ign and then created an alt with my original name so his bookmark pointed to the alt. Took him a little while to figure out he wasnt hitting my main anymore. I assume he got bored because he hasn’t hit my alt in a long time. I got a laugh everytime I logged in to the alt and saw multiple attacks from him. I knew he was losing RSS because he wasnt getting much from a lowly lvl 10 to cover the food used to attack lol.


Oh I love it I hadn’t thought about using my alt with my IGN :rofl: Wonder how he would feel hitting an inactive level 60?:sunglasses:

Edited to add doubt that would work though since he has emailed me. But love the idea. Will have to remember it.


Have everyone on the team send him tons of messages to push your messages past the limit and he wont see them anymore. In my experience farmers dont tend to be the brightest crayon in the box.


There are bullies everywhere in life. Don’t quit the game for that reason.


Message me his name and I’ll message him 70 times 1 letter in each message so it pushes your message out and annoys him then if he starts farming me I’ll put him in his place I could use a new rss farm for events, fort is only a little over a week away after all.


The spam mail will only clear his Inbox but his Sent will still allow him to track Suzz.


Now if only we could get him to reply back so even his sent letter got pushed out by the flood of outgoing messages :laughing:


That’s easy … pretend you’re a female and flirt :wink:


This all seems like way more work than just having fun and beating him at his own game… all is fair in war

Or maybe he has crush on her


No it’s not


:thinking: If you are female is it really pretending though?

Although since my in game avatar is the Mod one, maybe I can pretend to be a dragon :upside_down_face:


You will likely lose if u try to be fair instead of win


No fun to just attack, be a little more creative. Like send a dragon wait for him to use all his boosts then swap, or spam his mail, or send him creepy messages :’) Or be that guy who swaps all your dragons before death, I don’t know, you can definitely push his buttons.

Attacking the same base gets boring :b


See link … wars have rules and you can still win by following them


What does it say about dragons there?


I want to thank everybody. The moral support in this thread has made me feel so much better. Thank you everyone for suggestions and support


You said all is fair in “war”. Just pointing out the saying is flawed :woman_shrugging:


Has he quit yet?


Where are we and where is she having this problem though, cant expect me to have to say the obvious all the time

U just wanna argue with me :stuck_out_tongue:


Havent been attacked since this morning, but dont expect anything till evening. He generally hits just around my bedtime 10:30 PM Pacific standard time and then hits me through the night. once in awhile early evening.