How to stop a farmer


Not sure if this is a good idea


Not a good idea


Maybe his girl dumped him and he’s taking out his loneliness on you :thinking:


Geee Sam that is creepy, makes me feel oh so special,Not!:joy:


Honestly… enjoy it. Ive found aggressors far less motivated to continue their charade when you enjoy the punishment


Don’t think it’s a good idea either. But you gotta do what you gotta do :’)

The dragon thing actually works tho. They usually spend like 10-15 hammers before they get it, but after they stop defending, that’s when you can give them an easy smack with your baby dragons


Well hehit me this evening right on schedule, now he will most likely wait till later to hit me again. Absolutely no gold he can have my other rss…blocked. Lets see how long it takes him to get bore. I am back ignoring him. Oh and he is on new team of four in Bronze lol


He tried to hit me. Undefended. :rofl:


Now that is funny :joy::rofl:


spend 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollarrsss
(send 99.99999999999999% of that to my bank account as a consultation fee)
the rest however max your base + def rider gear


0% I’m guessing?


Well he is at it again two times since earlier this evening. I think this guy has way to much time on his hands


Guess I should try hitting sneakily :eyes:
As my home is close to the mountain…


Well he is on a roll it has been every five minutes last 30 minutes sigh. Nothing for him but lumber he can have it.


look at it this way… no one on your team should ever have to ask LC for help on SS/Def quests


Even Level?! Wait until next fortification, don’t grow as much as he does and then farm him back. You will always get more then he will.


Stop your own progression to prevent someone farming you? That’s an awful idea.


Всем здорова )))) или по-вашему hi!)))


What kind of childish threats to attack my base 15 times?)))) you can at least 100 attack, I promise that I will be glad to each of you!!!))) it’s just a game…)))


llepS siH emaN SdrawkcaB :wink:

Surely that wouldn’t be considered a call out thread :man_shrugging: