How to stop getting the "loot x lumber/food" missions?

So, I’m trying to do a good amount of token missions right now. I’ve heard that storing all your towers lowers the chance of getting “destroy x towers” missions, so I stored em all. I sent away all my resources, too, 'cause I heard that that lessens the loot missions. at the time of this screenshot, I only had 9k food and none in my farms/mills (0 lumber too). Rss missions are all I seem to be getting. I can’t complete these with just Draco :joy: and I don’t want to pull out another dragon, complete the mission, heal dragon, and put it away just to have to do it again.
Is there any way at all to keep this from happening or am I just unlucky?
One of my sheep farms is upgrading if that has something to do with it.

It sounds like sending all your food and wood away is increasing your rss missions :thinking:

put out one attack tower, like a dark flak. it won’t stop you from getting resource missions but it will dilute them. pretty sure you can find an easy farm on a war dragons informative website (like WDGeeks) that has your tower right up front to kill with Draco.


Well if you put away all your other towers, i would expect a lot of resource missions. I have my base out and i still get them. I generally just put away a couple towers to avoid multiples.

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I typically keep a single dark flak or fire turret out to use the BASEMISSION base for easy missions. 2 dark flaks and 3 fire turrets in the first 5 towers.

Alternately a lightning tower is a good choice too with chungjang base.

Edit: That being said, i like to store all of my towers when i’m really grinding hard. I find that the RSS missions don’t come up for me too frequently, and when they do they are a PITA. I go about speeding up just the other mission (out of the faster 2) until i get 2 RSS missions at the same time then swap out and do both at once using 1 potion, then i can go back to speeding up both missions at the same time again.

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I put out my Dark Flak and am using MicroDoc—working well and I’m getting fewer loot missions. Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea, I’ll keep that in mind :ok_hand::thinking:

What does that mean?

Pain in the donkey


There’s probably no way to decrease the chance of the “inflict x damage” missions right? I don’t have a lvl1 Ember so I have to use forgeable Death Gazes and equip them to Draco. Is there any easier way to do it?

Not that i have discovered. If there was then you could use any of the red tier dragons for the missions just as effectively as ember.

If anybody finds anything out on this I want to know ASAP so i can further fine tune my mission guide

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At times, there are teamless, farm only bases out there. Bookmark those and use them for your rss missions. I’ve seen several recently and will PM its name if I remember. :rose:

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Awesome, thank you very much :hugs:

there’s an easier way to do it. helps to cut your towers down for extreme grinding.

X damage is based on the towers you have, a certain percent of your base’s HP is the amount of damage you have to do. As I progressed from 250 - 300+ I saw a gradual increase from 18m damage to 31.9m damage.

Andyk provides a rich 9.1m damage per lightning tower - you can nail at least 3 with Ember and swap before getting hit. PGKissMyASS provides right around 35m damage currently.

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Thanks for this tip.

I’m definitely 100% aware of this. Another great reason to store towers when doing missions :slight_smile:

So putting, say, a lvl1 Flak out instead of a lvl30 flak will make the missions require less damage?


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Awesome. Thanks and thank you @Gorg423 I’ll test this out a little later :hugs:

It should make a difference.

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All the missions are based on your status when they go live:

  • Spell / inflict damage or destroy bases with Dragon X >>> roster
  • Destroy X tower >>> only what you have on your own base*, nothing more
  • RSS: only asked when you are not completely full.

When I realized that levelling and evolving Ember was a bad idea, I decided to keep Enki on lv 2, so it heals fairly quickly, and poor thing is not really a parent material anyway.

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