How to unlock all season dragons?


I have all 3 season dragons and I would love to unlock militant I just can’t figure how to


You need to finish all 3 main dragon branches before the 4th unlocks


oh, been there done that. First season I bet.
Learning the painful way to focus on a single good dragon instead of having three pretty weaklings collected.
For next season I advise you checking Red’s season dragons and sigil spending strategy.
@TheRedDelilah could you bring it over the new forums please?


It’s in her folder - link here:


I would suggest you not to open all 3 dragon branches unless you are a spender, but damage is done. You cant get mythic dragon without completing all 3 main branches these are: chimerak, spindra and gargula for this fall season.


You have to claim the Obsidian stone of the main three dragons in the event lines BEFORE the fourth dragon will be unlocked. Very tough but lots of individuals have the money for it. If you dont want any of the dragons, I recommend that you aim for the resources in the lines and get as many as possible.


What’s a good defense against a Garnet Borgian?


Rage drain + well-designed base that isn’t a bunch of ice turrets :smiley:


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