How to use ikaros ? detailed guide to its use!


You said white mage by accident

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Very good guide. Thank you


arent Drakul Pylon and Orrery elemental attacks?

Drakul is beam and Orrery is projectile. But both are elemental right?

Perhaps Morr can add an Elemental: Yes/No field to his tower stats pages.

Tagging @Morreion hope that is ok…

You make it look very easy. Thanks a lot for making this very explanatory video.

Nice guide will help decide thank you.

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Orrery is non elemental
Pylon is elemental so he made a mistake


Unfortunately not, while it’s used in the description “elemental” isn’t actually a property of towers. The only thing making them elemental is that they show up in the tower list for certain “elemental” spells like elemental barrier.

If you look up those spells on my site they will list which towers are effected by each spell.


yes sorry :see_no_evil:

thank youuu

I fly him like Dross. I just have to get in the habit of healing myself throughout the flight. My Dross is stronger tho, ready to strip the runes and glyphs. Why does Starry Night heal so little for a mythic that has Galvanic Overload as a primary 1 shot spell :man_shrugging:t5: I’m starting to feel like Ikaros is more of a trophy dragon.

Balance. Make him heal a lot more and he is OP. Starry night acts as a shield to avoid damage, and adds a little extra HP


The trick is not to get in a position where you have to heal a ton.
Starry night’s heal isn’t to be relied on, so instead, people should get in the habit of not getting hit


So i have a habit of taking 3 s to scout dangerous tower with ikaros like red, blue ice and orgy tower and plan my spell rotation while flying lol
Flying ikaros is like flying redrian, just don’t get hit like at all


What’s the best way to rune ikaros? Leg rune and mythic glyph as staples but what else? Does he need rage?

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Not really - it’s not a must for Ikaros due to galvanic

Can rune it up for HP


I runed ikaros full hp, rage can be recovered with the red skill

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Cool thanks

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