How To Win A Event Without Flying A Dragon


Now I know even myself that I have made a post about the mega quit tactic. Now going to do it again since Team Gauntlet has arrived and is in full mega quit action. Now I do not play any player with the ability to use mega quit. It is a choice but I get if you really want to win this is what it has come to. I also understand that this is a business but I also think that this was never the intended use of a Mega. I think this was originally put in so that a spender if failing the attack didn’t get punished terribly. So let’s go back to this again. Can we please scale the % someone does on a base towards the points you get for the mega. Anything after 70% is full like usual. This seems like a pretty straight forward fix to me. If your in a mega and you disconnect you lose the mega. Why should you be rewarding for clicking the quit button at 0%. You can literally win this event without flying a dragon. Am I the only one who thinks that fact is crazy. That you can win every PVP by not flying a dragon. It is to your advantage to not fly the dragon. This game is called War Dragons and you don’t have to fly a dragon to win. Please for the love of anything at least evaluate this.
Sincerely a player who just wants to have people fly dragons. @pocketgems

The mighty megaquit



Some people are just quitting at zero to collect a 50% mega quick? Damn, what a waste - but I guess it saves time in those PvPs that last only a few minutes.

Our team doesn’t use megas much, but I know in the past several have been unhappy at having the connection drop and losing a mega. Is it possible this is the reason for the mechanism?


Man, people must really have money to burn… lol


The dichotomy is that people who only get one mega coin ever might not want to get 0 points if they fail. Tricky situation.


If your going to fail then why not do a easier base :man_facepalming:t2:


If you disconnect you lose the mega anyways. But if you quit at 0% you get 50% of the points you would have gotten. If you disconnect you have to contact support for help.


We already know why the mechanism is there. It’s how it’s being used that’s the problem. Hence a change in that system needs to be made. This is not a exploit, it’s not cheating. PG just needs to change the scaling and if your going to fail or afriad of a defender you need to chose a easy base. Pretty dang simple to me.


I agree. Mega quits need to be put to a end.


Some might say it’s a broken game mechanic since in an event it’s points over time that matter. (Compared to your competitors)

Half the points in 99% less time is actually a formula for success. You may spend less in the long run that way.

The problem is when your competition does the same to stay competitive and you have a competition of who can attack and quit the fastest/most.


Not useful thanks though.


Off topic, dang mods are all over it!
On topic, why did I not be able to follow my teammates? BTW I’m 254, and can back some of my bigger tm


MegaQuit is one of those obvious and easy P2W mechanics that further pushes War Dragons into an “absolutely no skill needed” game - less than Candy Crush.

Finance will look at the numbers and go :money_mouth_face:, but it makes players, including those who use it, resentful - terrible business model and definitely not delighting players.


A long time ago (Like about 6 months I think?) I was on a Plat 4 team. It wasn’t the best team, but it was the 3rd team I’d ever been on. I grew to love the players there. I wasn’t the biggest player towards the end of my time there but I was big enough and one of the better flyers on the team. I ended up backing a lot of war runs. It would have been harder on the team if I’d been limited in the number of backups I could provide.

Edit: and I totally thought this was a different thread lmao.

On topic: Mega quits suck. You shouldn’t be able to get points for simply quitting as soon as an attack launches. It doesn’t work that way for any other attack.


This Mega and quit is so wrong. No honor


There is a solution like for another war event, Fight Pits - prohibit mega attacks during first 15 minutes.


I would have thought the reasonable thing is have no protection for mega attacks. No minimum reward.

Mega coins are a choice and choices involve risk. If you buy a mega coin and pick a base you are not confident you can beat that is your choice. You accepted that risk for the chance of getting more points. Even p2w players should require at least some skill. Hell if you want to 0% mega coin and can’t be bothered to fly (first why are you playing the game?) Then just get someone to back you.

I don’t think we need a complex solution for this.


How would that be a solution? People would only wait till the 15 mins were up and then do megaquits.

Assuming that no one does supers. No one would ever be able to use the mega attack which is also wrong. Just stop giving half points or any for that matter for a failed run.


If you wait for 15 mins you will be dead by then.
Have 20 teammates that do superattack with 3 IF immediately and you conquer the PvP island in way under 15 minutes. Or only 10 mates that do 2 attacks each.


Both solutions need to be implemented. Restricting megas at beginning of pvp, and scaling Mega results similarly to normal runs.