How To Win A Event Without Flying A Dragon


Here is what I’m thinking. Imagine this hypothetical scenario where you’re in a league where Youre one of the smallest. Everyone here does megas every time they attack. For instance You can hit at most double defended lvl51 towers. To beat the base is between lvl240-300 at most. Basically You can either hit the bottom three players on a team for like 80-85 points or, hit the lvl 600 and fly three dragons swap swap quit all with inner fires and get more points than if You had attacked someone your own lvl and beaten the base. Not only that, but it get it done in less than half a min. Now ask yourself if you would stop doing this when it’s actually saving you rss. I have not tested this theory before but this thread tbh just gave me that idea. I completely agree that rewarding half the points for a “failed run” is complete and utter bs.


Ive said it before: <10% = refund

10-69% some % increasing points
70+ full points

The % can be debated
Either 1:1 with points aka 37% clear is 37% points

Or 1:2 so 40% clear is 20% points

Honestly they need to get this done


The main problem I see with this is at the bottom end. For short bases in particular, a successful defense - that is, the enemy attacking with all their dragons and still losing - can end with less than 10% damage. And it’d be unfair to refund the coin just because the defenders did a good job, or the attacker reached too high.

I’d suggest a slight tweak:

0% = refund, no points. Maybe they saw defenders and quit, maybe the game crashed. :woman_shrugging: Though if more than one dragon was used, no refund.

Then start scaling points upward from 1%.


Personally I think if game crashes… submit a ticket… supposedly they can tell the game crashed and refund you your mega… otherwise tough luck… you mega quit = 0% you fail to get 10-20% because of defenders = 0% … pick an easier base next time


Mm, solid point, and for the most part I agree.

I just worry about how much more spam will go to Support, considering how often the game seems to crash for people. They have enough issues with dealing with the tickets they already get, let alone adding on another few thousand every PvP event. And that’s assuming that normal Support can actually do those checks, instead of having to escalate it to PG.


Wow! So many wasted points :grimacing:


What happens most? Game crashing while doing a mega or the megaquit?
I can only guess the answer… But I think megaquit happens more often, as is a tactic.


The current format is total nonsense and makes the majority of the player base think what’s the point :man_shrugging:t2: Meanwhile a few people with more money than sense try to convince themseleves they are worthwhile. Sort it out or pg it’s a joke to say the least


Please make it like it was before, you get under 70%? Then you get 0 points… i know most of wallet warriors complained because they couldn’t get 70% with defenders but that shit is nonsense. Not 10% or 20% or 30%… 0%. Learn to fly instead of spending. Literally no flying needed, those mega coins might be good for points but killed the game. Bring back bonus meter, at least time was required back in the days to get good event points. The only thing they can brag about is being good at spending, i could do it but i refuse… y’all are greedy enough already so I’m not gonna waste my resources.


Mega attacks should be treated as any other attack. None of this guaranteed 50% nonsense.

I like the post above about risks. Any attack you do carries risk. Want to guarantee 100% mega points? Attack an easier base.

Imagine how much more challenging (and fun) the game would become if PG got rid of the 50% mega point guarantee.

Imagine how much more money PG can make if they got rid of the 50% mega point guarantee.


I think a scaling would be fine. Since too many complained when they couldn’t beat a base. But easy fix would be scale to percent of mega is equal to percent of base killed. If someone kills 2 percent they get like 300 points. If they want max points they finish the base. You have 3 dragons to do this… that would solve many of the problems


On another note I would rather nix the mega and bring back the multiplier gauge.


How about neither? How about just stop increasing the cost of energy and do away completely with megas and multiplier gauge? Let’s just buy 100 flames at a time and grind…dont have time to grind? Too bad. Wanna spend money? Great, buy more chests filled with IF. It’s a win win.


Agree. I estimate at least 10% of my defends are 0%.


This mega and quit is garbage Its a loop hole players can use to get event points While its not “cheating “ it is a cheat You can get 4- 5 attacks in the time that an actually player that shoots for the 70% which allows players an unfair advantage @eggtoken @pgjared Can this loop hole get closed? I mean if you use a mega you should still have to get 70 percent to win points Anything less allows unbalanced and unfair play


All they have to do is make 50% give 50% points, and 70% give 100%. If you can’t get to 50% you don’t deserve the points anyways.


This is mega, so we should have something works…

How about:

  • Below 10% with at least 80% HP, 1 dragon = refund… (target keeps disabled for Gauntlet and Pits)
  • Below 10% else, 10% points (shouldn’t be too broken I guess…)
  • 10% - 70% is 10% - 100% points.



Using the mega is OK with me, since its spend and win, already in wardragons and this is another way to spend and win.Unless they introduce a no spend wardragons.


i use mega all the time, but the best solution for this indeed would be completely removing mega.

-and bring back the old bonus meter back and somehow implement it again. x(


I don’t think it should scale linearly up to 100% points.
If you reach 70%, you’ve beaten the base, so fine - get 100% points. But at 69% of the base, you haven’t beaten it - so I don’t think you should get 99% points (or whatever it works out at).
Maybe scale 10% to 69%, with the remaining 30% of the points only being awarded if you actually beat the base.