How To Win A Event Without Flying A Dragon


It doesn’t even need to be linear. Just treat is as strictly increasing function.


My point is that there should still be a good chunk of the points reserved only for beating the base. 69% shouldn’t feel ‘close enough’.


What I have encountered many times is with bad connection or longer load times you count yourself lucky to have your mega registered and not returned (quit at 70%) even.

Did get my alarm set four times, did four megas and got all of them returned. PvP is done in 2-3 minutes. Increasing the HP isn’t a solution either as it would only result in teams waving with even more megas. In all, very frustrating


If they want to spend it, PG will suck it up. An increase in HP would have some teams willing to drop the cash, but find the right amount for each league and lots will mega some but then fight the rest out.

Thinking more on this makes megas a pre-requisite for these leagues, not good. So, HP prolly needs an adjustment but not to mega coin level. Somehow they need to implement a way to reduce mega, but still make them usable for :dollar: droppers.

Set HP to the high/max side of capable super attacks for 10 minutes to make it possible but difficult to complete in that time and then no megas for 10 minutes?


Increased HP wouldn’t be fair with multi national team, especially when one or two are logged in different times (at least for lower league)
Less island destroyed = less chance to score a good VP = boring balance…

I’d rather have more way to boost VP along with Mega time limit.

e.g. Faster island cooldown.


Took me a sec but I think you saying lower leagues more HP means they don’t destroy island? More HP would only go to the leagues that need it, not a universal increase.

For PvE or both? Because in lower leagues casual play the PvE get takin down once the whole event ( most finished Gustav Isle later part of yesterday ). If increase PvE island rate they just sit open longer. Second, if you lower rate of PvP lower leagues casual won’t be able to complete the island at all as a lot of times it comes to the full 3 hrs before it’s complete.

Now faster higher leagues and slower lower leagues you ask? That’s going to cause a major increase to the already necessary part of being in a higher league. Higher leagues will get substantially more VP comparatively, even factoring out amount of play.

Someone said somewhere recently about PG trying to make both casual and mildly hard core gamers both happy is causing the ruckus and it seems like that is so. Current gameplay seems difficult for casual to keep up, but boring for mildly hard core, e.g. the middle ground.


Sadly, even in lower league, there are such team…
That’s why I think the solution is similar to Pits. No mega during 15 min of each round of PvP.

PvE, since instead of cooldown, PvP uses duration.


Sandbaggers exist yes, but if you take the average not so much. I agree a no mega timeframe is a good idea, I mentioned that too.

I have an explanation of both above, but PvP does have a cooldown when y’all complete it in 3-5 minutes.


I guess I see a point if it’s is for the team rank bragging or something, but overall it’s much worse for your personsl prizes. All those wasted points would add up to so much more in prizes than some crap team reward for first place. I 70% quit all the time but 0 seems counter productive.


I’m probably in the minority here, but I’d actually prefer 70% only get you 70% of the points, and for you to have to get 100% to get 100% of the points.

Hell, there was a triple-defended kill island I couldn’t “beat,” recently - I couldn’t do more than kill the blue mage on it, even with my two top dragons. I used Ember as my third, cloaked past the island, death-gazed the farms, and got the win, even though the base still kicked my butt.

I’d say if you want 100% of the points, much like wanting 5 flames, you should have to actually kill EVERYTHING.


I think it stops at 30 packs per 100, or at least it seems to for me.


Thoughts about making failed megas return 50% energy instead of 50% points?

Easy enough to code, solves the problem


I’d be behind anything that gets events back to actual skill and strategy over simply buying a coin and quitting to win.

This event disproves the philosophy that “winners never quit and quitters never win”


Nah. Megas should scale just like normal runs. Risk vs reward.



This one is applicable in many situation I guess :joy::joy::joy:


Then it wont get rid of mega quit.


Why not? Because right now on a normal run I get close to 0 points if I quit.


Since the MegaCoin was supposed to be a way for players short on time but willing to spend to get event points why not make it just that. Make Mega only give player points while reducing island hp by normal attack rate.


Surprising (sarcasm) that the official response is: No response.