How To Win A Event Without Flying A Dragon


Don’t fly a dragon and don’t quite just use a F-16 or A-10

(This is a joke)


I wouldn’t be surprised to see people do this intentionally and cry “I crashed, give me back my coin” and then “I paid $$$ so give me what I paid for” stuff.

I guess having it adjusted based on % is better than 50% score at <70% destruction.


I think it is a waste if time to try to find a way to cheat I like to get 100% not 50% just saying this is a bad idea. If you use mega make sure you can beat the base get two followers with inner fire and burn some **** down


Hmm, I would say for gauntlet, it probably needs to be a percentage of the islands HP or something, otherwise teams finish in 2 minutes. Also agree that mega quits shouldn’t be a thing. You should have to do some sort of damage to get any points, really


I agree but keep the wildfire and super


So, yet another mega quit pvp event. Perhaps we should just use this thread to swap stories as clearly no solution is forthcoming - silence from PG :man_shrugging:


I just lost 20 energy on a Super Attack that the game crashed. I propose Super Quits too. Just think of how much money it would make? U could launch a ton of Super Quits in that 15 minutes.

I guess they made the 50% mega because people’s games crashed or they hit well above their level, got defended, died and then whined to LC and forums about pvp defending. It’s being abused now. But given the 2 options of 1) fix mega coins and actually have to deal with customer when game crashes, or 2) have triple the megas launched and triple the spending to buy them, its fairly clear what PG is gonna pick.


Mega attacks get expensive. Mega quits essentially allow spenders to simply buy victories. This must generate a TON of revenue for PG. We all know it, so we all know why this is allowed to continue.

Can we propose a creative solution that would still allow PG to get their pound of flesh but would at least eliminate the Mega Quit tactic? Because, as mentioned above countless times, it’s a really ridiculous loophole. There’s no honor or strategy in this…just money.

I have seen proposals above for Megas to reward based on the % of a base that is destroyed.

Separately, I have proposed to do away with megas and bonus meters ENTIRELY, and simply allow players to buy energy and grind.

But NEITHER of these suggestions still allow PG to make the metric tonne of money that the Mega Quit tactic is raking in for them. How can we modify this to be a win-win?


A full flight is around 2 minutes, mega quit gives 50%, give megas a 1 minute cooldown?
Still gives same bang for buck, still lazy, but makes it the same rate as if they flew the base.

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Not a bad idea, but the maths a bit off since cooldowns start from after a run. Would be 2min total vs 3min total if the runs took 1min and 2min to complete respectively.

Give em a 5 minute cooldown?


Lost me here. 2 minutes battle button to battle button. Quit gives 50% so this is 1 minute worth of time?

Sandberg, two part mega coins, 50% points no run or fly like normal. Then add timer at start of run so flyers don’t have cooldown afterwards?


The primary thing for me, is that you cant defend it. So could just as well let people buy points and save the hazzle of showing banners etc.


It takes 1 minute to set up a mega-quit.

  • wait for event page to load
  • exchange energy packs for energy
  • wait for team menu to appear
  • select team
  • select member
  • launch attack
  • confirm launch attack
  • actually select dragon with IF if required
  • swap out 2 more dragons (optional)
  • Wait for defeat screen
  • Wait for score tally
  • Exit back to event page

It only takes 1 minute longer to actually fly the base (at least it does with me and pathox on a typical base).

So mega-quit is 1min + 1min = 2min total
Regular run is 2min + 1min = 3min total

I suggested going to a 5min cooldown both to help strategy (1 teammate isn’t carrying everyone, other teams can respond) and to help equalize the time taken
1min + 5min = 6min (only 17% shorter vs 50% shorter)
2min + 5min = 7min


The 5 minutes kind of makes the bang for buck of previous less, but does make them more scaled with other gameplay.


Why not using Hauheset run as a baseline? :eyes: With 1 follow.
I think depends on the base, it may take 5 minutes or so…

The reason is, similar to Hau run, Mega quit can also be used against much higher level, although it is easier, available at lower level, and guaranteed 50% points (much less risk).

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Having cooldown still allows you to make 1 flight. It could be in addition the delayed addition of points for mega quit - started attack, exit - then cooldown started (like 5 minutes), and score added only when cooldown expired.

The only issue is, as usual, honest players - they have 2-3 megas, failed 1st attack (unintentionally) and can’t start second. You was already “punished” by not getting full score, and punished even more by delaying next mega. Though it still better than now.

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Good idea, however, there are times the person backing you has connection issues, when a smaller player is tryimg to stay in the game, by using every tool possible, and their backer isn’t able to connect, that lower level player shouldn’t be punished.


Frankly that’s a risk they take. The abusive nature of mega coins is so far beyond the damage the occasional missed follow. Hell the backer could join and flop. That’s another risk.

I’ve lost supers and normal attacks to connection. I’ve lost troops to connection issues. Why should a fair balanced game be given up to fix this

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