How to win at micro transactions


OMG lol this was the idea I had on a thread that was closed because it wasn’t constructive enough.


My kinnara looks so good in her RED armor! Only one I ever got outfitted. I’m not usually one to buy stuff like that, but, yeah, for some dragons I would if the price was right.


Basically I talk about the game taking advantage of its best quality, the art design. Being able to change certain islands to your fitting according to what element you want them to be. For example islands 1-7 are wind islands and 8-9 I think are fire islands and everyone starts with this. Furthermore it could be cool to have the landscape around your base change as well to the elements. Also they could make portraits that you have to buy as well. These are just ideas and I’m glad someone else brought it up. Also, I talk about grandfathering your account as well (might not be a good idea though) which everyone would buy. So say for x amount of money your account can be permanently grandfather and you get nothing else except you account being able to purchase elite with rubies. Just ideas tho


I sort of feel the same but in fact it’s all about how worthwhile the ‘investment’ is.
If it only fits one dragon in your roster and you will have outgrown it in 3 months then I’d max spend 5$ on it as well, maybe that’s even too much.
If it was a universal skin that worked for all hunters or for a monument so I could use it for as long as I wanted, I’d be willing to spend much more if it looked really awesome.

I’ve bought a weapon skin in a game for 30$ because I reaaally loved the style and was using it for about a year and never regretted it. And there are skins going for several hundreds on the steam marketplace so there is definitely a lot of potential if PG does it right.


I love this. I’d definitely drop money for apparel and a permanent winter wonderland.


I’m not a big fan of skins myself, but they’re absolutely the best way for a company to monetize their game if they actually care about making a balanced playing field. Making a few bucks for things that don’t affect game outcome is terrific, even if it doesn’t directly appeal to me personally. It does appeal to the vast majority of gamers.

Of course, we all know that’s not the PG way. Much better to sell “I WIN” items for hundreds of dollars.


How about a Your Dragon macro transaction where you choose the look, spells and type of dragon from those available? Just cap the type of spells.


Spectral form, Ghostfire Blast, White Bloodufry, Death’s Door. Gimme.


Build-A-Beast™ custom dragons.

These modular dragons are created to your exact specifications and are guaranteed to rain destruction upon your enemies. Starting at only $50, you can build your very own flying terror.

Choose from our most popular options, or go fully custom.
$50 - - Orange
$100 - - Sapphire
$200 - - Obsidian
$300 - - Harbinger
$400 - - Vanguard
$25 - - Make it Mythic (upgrade your dragon to Mythic status within the same tier)
$200 - - Divine Love (feel the power of the divine in your dragon with this set of evolution stones)
$300 - - Beyond divine (Available only with a vanguard dragon, can be combined with Make it Mythic for the ultimate dragon. Evolve to the next tier once it is released)
$100 - - Choose a class other than sorcerer
$100 - - Hunter, must purchase with our “not a sorcerer” option, does nothing on its own.

$2000 - - Custom Dragon. Mix and match from the options above for a completely unique experience.

Call now to reserve your spot and ensure your continued domination of your foes!




Gotta know your audience.


It’s a pay to win game end of story if you are not prepared to part with thousands of dollars find another game to play there are loads out there please don’t insult players intelligence by trying to dress this game in any other way than pay to win as they will soon find out and just leave after seeing how far they can get with out parting with there cash in all the events and season dragons


FTFY :+1:



I was going to say that these are not exactly “micro transactions”. But then I realized in the mind of PG, they probably are… :woman_shrugging:


So, Rent-a-Reptile™?

$1.99 Pathox* @ expert for 5 minutes
$0.99 add a rune
$4.99 add full rune/glyph set at expert
$4.99 add a rider
$1.99 add armor
$4.99 full upgrade armor

$14.99 the full Monty (still 5 minutes!)

*Mythic of your choice


Oh I get it. You want to see the already sinking ship burn, that you have left already.
That’s so evil :see_no_evil:



I would never.

But seriously, once the rat is off the ship, I think he stops worrying about the destination.



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Someone is clearly having waaaay too much fun with this :rofl: