How wars look now

The actual war screen


New rules tab


I just don’t believe this changes.
why? just put shields in
Teams. You wanna protection :confounded::man_shrugging:t2::woozy_face:

What’s not to believe. It’s right there.

I think it’s a great change to shift balance from follower to attacker.


I kinda miss 5 flames

Lol, after 5 minutes? How many new style wars have you done exactly?


Just the 5 flames actually I’ve only been here for a year

This isn’t about protecting anyone lol.
Read up about the changes because they’ll be positive changes to the wars

Teams with more overall strength have the advantage because relying on one or a few players will have you losing a lot of bonus flames instead it will be more of a team effort.


How come everyone is only at 5 flames still?

Did the person hitting the leader get 70%+ with the first dragon then need 2 more dragons to finish off the base? Why didn’t they take a backer and get the full 7 flames?

Or is the display just not working properly?

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Most of these would have had 6 or 7 flames, so I think it’s just a display error right now.



May be a visual display glitch with these extra war flames showing up on some of these attacks. FYI

The new UI also shows historic wars - so ones before the update only had five flames per player.


I don’t think anyone has fought a 7 flame war yet. So these are all old wars.


How is the new format “more of a team effort”. It seems to me there will be less team effort because everyone will be going for the 7 flames which require the initial attacker to take on the majority of the base resulting in backup not needed anymore.

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So to do well in a war how many players do you need to get to 70%?

It’s more of a “team of individuals” effort. In order to get 7 flames, everyone needs to get 70%+ on their own. This “should” encourage people to hit closer to their level and the team to communicate more to allocate targets, rather than either lazy big player hitting way below their level or smaller players to rely on big backup the whole time.


I like this part but my team has depended a lot on communication and backup to win wars as most teams that come up against us have a lot more higher level players than mine. I’m afraid this new format is going to hurt us and all teams with similar player levels to mine. We’ll see how it goes soon enough.

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You’ll practically need all players to get 100%. It depends on how many players are on the other team and the flames they earn. The 70% is for the initial attacker to reach before their first dragon is defeated in order to earn 7 flames.

Excellent answer. And how many player do you need to put in an actual effort in current wars?

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For quite a few platinum / lower sapphire teams now? One.


That still depends on how many players are on the other team and how many flames they earn.

Also, Defending no longer matters for ties. This is going to lower teamwork as well resulting in way less players defending. Players will only need to come into the game to do their own war attack and maybe backup someone if needed. My team got a lot more activity from defending during Wars. Now that defending no longer counts, team activity will most likely drop. I’m disappointed in that.