How we Can build the base of the fort in atlas?



Maybe this is to básic for some of you but i have one question;

How we Can build or set up the castle’s guards base on atlas fort ? We have lvl 3 casttles and lvl 2 no marshal apointed

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You get a generic base with no Marshall appointed.
If you appoint a Marshall, it uses their base.
A given player can only be Marshall at one castle at a time.


I know that is applicable for tier 4 and tier 5 land. Can’t recall about tier 3 land. Tier 2 land DOES NOT get one of your player bases as the “marshal” base. Instead, tier 2 land uses the same default base you would have if you did not appoint a marshal.


Interesting, did not know that. Maybe it gets the ability to use the Marshall’s base once the Fort is a certain level?


It’s based on the rank of the land that the castles are located on, not the level of the fort itself.


So , no body Can manage the distribution of towers? Or how can i see it?

I am officer of my team but i dont know about it :sweat:
I am supousted to see everything :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t know about that since I have never been an officer on a team that has atlas, so I’m not sure what you should or should not be seeing.


The generic base is not customizable nor upgradable. You get what you get.
If you are able to assign a Marshall and your land/castle will use their base, then to change that, the player that is Marshall need only move their towers, upgrade them, etc.


Resign yourself to terrible guards for now. But everyone else with 2s and 3s is in the same boat.

When attacked, the Fort’s Castle Guards are defended by:

  • The Marshal’s base IF the castle is level 4 or above.
  • An NPC/AI base IF there is no Marshal assigned OR the castle is level 3 or below.


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For level 2 and 3, level up the fort for higher level base towers. But it’s still going to be a crap base so :man_shrugging:


The base is terrible and long. It will literally stop nobody


Lvl 4+ forts (buildable on T3-5 land only) will use the base of the Marshal as the Castle Guard base. Otherwise you are stuck with the awful default base as your Castle Guard.

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