How We Make Dragons - Official Discussion Thread


Please feel free to discuss and ask questions about how Dragons are made here!

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How We Make Dragons

Pre-emptively tagging the one and only @PGKharnyx in this discussion!


Well, when a mommy dragon loves a daddy dragon VERY much…

On topic: Very cool, thanks for sharing. I wish I was artistic


On the mood board, what’s up with the supercars?
Ya ya I know another car reference, but this one’s on PG.


angles, shapes, some might say sexiness?


Lets see a pic of the mood board for summer. :eyes:


That would be interesting!


Interesting read. I’d definitely do it totally different. I’m a performance guy so spells wouldn’t be the last thing I got to. They would be early then testing with a basic skin model to make sure the performance was what I wanted, then I’d get to all the art stuff. Same way I am building my car in real life, performance first then cosmetics.


Some of the sketches/concepts were pretty cool! Can’t wait to see what the summer season has in store!


We wanted the dragons from Sudene (Duskfall season) to feel like status symbols for the nobles, so in our early discussions for the season, stuff like that came up.

I’m not sure how much that subject matter helped the artists in the end, but there’s a reason they say “it’s more of an art than a science” - sometimes there’s some really wacky stuff on the mood boards!


Still confused on how your team collaborate with PGLawson’s team about Dragon Spells…
Especially for spell combinations.

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So, it really depends - often times, when the art team starts refining a set of dragons, the first thing we do is let PGLawson know what the general “theme” of each individual dragon is. In other words, we pass along what some of each dragons’ key characteristics are - what its class is, where its natural habitat is, what its behavior might be like, etc. This lets the design team know what they need to in order to come up with cool spell designs for a dragon.

Other times - as will be the example for a specific dragon coming up in summer - the design team already has a really strong idea for a dragon spell combination (or other fun mechanic) and will approach the art team with the kinds of specifics we’ll need to create in order to make the dragon shine. From there, we build the looks of the dragon around how it is planned to function in game.

In both of these cases, we usually already know the dragon’s class and element combo, so it’s easier to figure out how to visualize each spell type (a spell that deals single target damage on a Dark dragon will look different than a similar spell on an Earth dragon, for example).

Anyway, it’s a great bit of synergy - the art team makes better looking dragons when we know how the dragons will function in-game, and the design team can use the art team’s progress to come up with interesting spins on classic dragon mechanics and spells.


Step 10: Spells and Breath

I’m really interested to know how all that work can go into a dragon and then this step goes so horribly wrong, especially for every single legendary warrior that gets released.

It just always boggles my mind how all this work can go into creating a dragon by all these hard working people and then we end up with something as useless as Jarl or Haku. Why does PG hate warriors so much? I would think that feedback from flying these dragons is generally “these spells are really bad” “this dragon wont be able to do anything against a defended base” and “the cooldown times are way too long”.

Why does the design team even bother continuing to create warriors if every season it’s going to be yet another throwaway dragon?


Where I agree there ain’t much love for warriors, I wouldn’t say they useless. It’s different than hunters, but if you exploit their positives they handle their own alright.
Jarl is my main dragon and will be for a long time as I prioritized getting Van stone but I’m only barely into Emerald. Definitely not useless.


I cant really agree with any of this. Once you get past emerald, they’re pretty much useless against any decent base. The spells are mostly all just different variations of the same bad spells, they get mostly useless resist, and the cool downs are way too long to make the spell useful. If they do get a way to deal with rage drain then they get terrible damage boosting spells and can do nothing against a defender.

I’ve yet to ever see a single Jarl, Haku, or Goda that did anything unless they were attacking well below their level. The only one that was halfway decent was Cav and he still gets shut down by 1 ice flak or fire flak ss unless the defender is clueless on how to defend. Definitely useless for anything near the upper tiers


I’m assuming he said something about Warriors being good if you use them properly?
FYI i don’t think that he is to Emerald yet, but I don’t think that Emerald is really the tipping spot. I think Green is when lineage warriors stopped being viable. Divines I can’t comment on, but anything after Skarr warrior wise has been useless for me and my progression/level for when they are released. I was in Green when I got Skarr, hence him being viable but he was viable actually all the way up until Sapphire (because before flaks)


If you don’t read the posts I think you should stay out of the posts. FYI I just busted into Emerald with two bright green eggs at lvl 212. You don’t use warriors, your choice.

For the topic of this thread I think Blackfire and I both saying make more love for warriors, just have different viewpoints on their current viability.


Sage was good at the time before they beat him to death with a nerf racket

Leos was… meh. he was decent for the time since we only had dark and fire flaks and most people were just starting to replace their fire turrets with flaks

Gladicus was an abomination though, not even DF resist could save him even in that meta.

The rest are all only useful at low levels or against bad bases and they dont even get useful resists anymore. I dont even bother considering to wait for the wave 2 warrior to be revealed anymore, there’s zero chance of them being any good in the slightest.

Off topic: Can anyone tell me how Bahlam is? He looked decent at the time Vanguards came out. I just wish there was a decent legendary warrior. Im so bored with flying hunters constantly and am kicking myself for not getting UVS, but PG didnt change him until the end of the season so I was SOL on him.

I remember the last time I asked, Lawson said that if they make a good warrior it’ll end up feeling like a mythic… Ok, fine, then make one that feels like a mythic. We’ve had more than enough bad warriors that we could use 1 quality one. It’s not even like mythic warriors are all that game-changing anyway and they’ll only last for a season after release, if even that long.


That’s what is so amusing: your artists make quite massive effort and create very good looking invidual dragons for every tier, for every season. Every one should be useful in the game, have very well built spells setup. BUT the absolute most of dragons are going to waste and we take them only for breeding or to get rss containing seasonal rewards. Along with this problem you dont allow us to replace mythic runes on dragons (while we can replace those runes on the base towers!) to try different builds and find the most effective setups for beloved models/dragons.
Resume: current situation is bad and makes that huge artists effort is nearly absolete. You’re wasting budgets and , im sure, dont make good sales on the main content - dragons. Looks like the most of revenue is going from atlas elite, building events and, may be, crafting rss and horn chests. Its supporting content, imho.


Bahlam was out shined by jotun, and then the ice flack caught on and ruined them both