How worth is it to Convert Diamonds to Gold?

So I farm the gold mines daily, trying to get as much gold out of the mines as possible. I don’t have Atlas elite, so no 5x multiplier. Recently I’ve gotten into glory trading and I’ll go through like 28k troops a day, which is really hard to replenish in one or two days. I have around 50k diamonds and have been using them to revive troops in the place of bullhorns, so I was wondering if it was worth it to also use diamonds to convert into gold, or if that was a really bad idea.


Yeah I would also like to know what is the best use of diamonds and the best way to get glory

same here if anyone knows?

I dont think there is any way to “convert”, but you can bypass using gold packs.

Training troops, for example:
Select an open slot as you normally would, adjust the hat scale to the amount you want to spend. Then click the “Train” button.
Once you do that, it will take you to the gold pack screen. You don’t have to use these. Hit continue.
From there, you get to the “Buy rss to train troops” screen.

You can do the same with primarchs.

Hope that helps!!

Or use to speed infrastructure (assuming team has) so the whole team benefits from their use.

omg I totally misunderstood.
I am dumb. Sorry :woman_facepalming:

It’s not worth it at all because gold is so easily raided but it is worth it for bullhorns

i see. Was kinda hoping that the conversion rate would be better now that there are more diamonds, I can never seem to have enough of that gold shit 0-0

it is extremely worth it in my opinion… I’m also not atlas elite and have been using diamonds to train troops for a long time.
as non elite to get the gold quickly during the day (think toilet break or smoko) takes 4+ runs… I still have 50k+ diamonds and either train 800 troops or heal 4000 troops when full hats for about 800 diamonds only if you don’t have any gold in storage.
Save the bullhorns til you need them.
Especially in troop training event you get more diamonds than you use til a point and better points healing of course.
I save my gold packs til prim training just to save bank gold.
So I say yes definitely use them

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