How would you handle a base like this with Naja?

I’m an average flier but trying to get better. The set up on the SS shoots me down all the time with Naja. Wondering how you all would deal with it? I’ve tried to find videos that address this set up but cannot.

I’d imagine this would be a base you’d use your fourth shot on the turn to take two flaks. If you see mage shots coming them cloak, otherwise use your invincibility and take out the dark flak or the ice flak in the back. Stick a rage regen mark on the monument (if not in atlas). Then just Tank the mages and take the base out that way. Cloak when you need to in order to dodge key skill shots. Priority to ice flak and mage shots.

Long story short I’d suggest killing all the damage towers as best you can then using mages as anchors to kill towers from range

Use shield to toggle on/off the cloak to reduce your chances of being hit by mage

Biggest problem is definitely Atlas. I run out of rage with the mages there and trying to toggle the shield.

If you take out the damage dealing towers leaving the blue mages till last you should be able to get through it.

That and I am sure some consumable spells could help

ill fly it lol and show u


I can change it back but my runes aren’t set up for that. Let me know

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Why do you need to change runes

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after some sleep 2 wars 2 days lol has got me screwing up

Because I changed my base only to show the layout. I only have trouble with the two red mage layout

Ahh thought you meant on the dragons

Try firing 4th shot on the turn to take out 2 flaks, cloak after SS activates, cancel with shield, cloak again before SS hits (Ice flak shouldn’t fire SS yet), then cloak, trying to fire ammo at Ice flak before the cloak expires, place mark on monument, cloak again before mages hit it you can.

All depends on when and where SS are placed and after that sequence it’s be hard to predict how it would all fall but yes that set up looks challenging for sure.

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Equip lighting resist. Use Naja’s 4th shot to kill the dark and earth flak as you turn the corner. Cloak after seeing the super shots activate and toggle his shield to come out of the cloak. After he reloads his shots fire all 4 at the fire flak. Cloak to avoid any further super shots, you can let it expire or toggle his shield to come out of the cloak early. After this kill the blue mage and ice flak. The 2 red mages are your next priority that way you can use his healing spell on the 2 (possibly 3) left over lighting towers. Also it’s good to keep in mind that his shield does not block super shots and you can use his cloak even if you are using his shield.

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