How you got where you are


I’m wondering what steps everyone took to get where they are in the game right now.

To get it started, I started playing when Amrock was king and Gold was the highest tier(maybe?). I quit playing shortly after getting Darja.

I started playing again June 2018 on a new account(because I lost my old one). I went from silver 1 to gold 5 almost instantly where I got all bad advice until I found the forums where there was Red and Mechggs’ advice.

I have been following their guidance every since and am currently a level 169 with Garnett dragons and a killer/maxed kill island base for my level.

I will be flying Emerald dragons soon as I grind my butt off to hit the goals I have set for myself.

Please tell your story too. I would really love to hear what folks have to say.


My WD story, it’s long, and doesn’t really involve WD, but here goes. For me it starts with a lady, as these things so often do. She was lovely. She had three little girls, they were adorable. On my side, it was me, and three other guys, so four men living all living together. But in a way, each of us was living alone, playing war dragons. Until one day, I met this lady, she was playing war dragons too, and I knew what I was feeling was way more than just a hunch.


Got roped into game by sister while on vacation in August 2017. Joined her team. Got kicked for not participating in a war while at the airport.

Got back to home state. Roped 3 friends into playing. Created our own team. Dominated Bronze, Silver, and Gold IV as a 4-player team.

Another team asked us to join them, and since our team of 4 wasn’t realistically going anywhere without a lot of work, we joined.

Spent most of Fall 2017 in this new team, made friends, leveled to around 100 and Platinum dragons (i.e., before finding Red’s guides).

Team exploded. Our faction splintered off and created a new one, dominated Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Grew roster. Still Fall 2017. Got Gargula to Obsidian stone, because I didn’t understand enough to realize how good Necryx was.

Team exploded. My friends and a couple of others recruited into TheLastKnights. Start of Winter 2017, and my pursuit of Neptus. Discovered that my credit card has a limit. Breed Sapphire dragons, hit 160. Still way off on level vs. breeding tier. RL Friend 1 quits game. Obtain Neptus for Christmas - along with 13 other members of my team. Hit 180 and Garnet dragons. Keep getting made officer. Keep running from officer responsibility.

Having achieved the Winter mythic, experience post-victory let-down. Stop spending outside of Elite/Atlas Elite. Start posting on forums. Spring 2018 season released. Team gets into Sapphire and gets Atlas at around the same time, get overwhelmed with new information and expectations. RL Friend 2 quits game. Disengage from the game, only logging in for bare minimum activity. Hit 220 with Emerald dragons.

Summer 2018 season released. RL Friend 3 (who has obtained Neptus, Corthanak, and will get Huitzil this season) bails on team and joins xSuaSpontex. Asks if I can join and is told “as long as he pulls his weight”. Join. Apparently pull weight. Infused with new interest, begin playing in earnest again. Hit 250, still Emerald dragons. Get frustrated with game: breeding walls, leveling walls, pay-to-win mentality, and the overall cost of the game. Make the “Poll: What is a moderate spender?” post on the forums. Make the “Dissatisfied? What are YOU doing?” forum post. Decide to quit game. Get invited to GPF.

Fall 2018 season released. Decide to pursue Pathox and hit 300 by Christmas. Go to Disney World in October. Come back and find out that xSuaSpontex has taken the strongest 50% of their roster and merged with the strongest 50% of NewProphecy’s roster. Find out I’m in the 50%…mostly because RL Friend 3 is in the 50% and wants me to be included. End up being smallest base on NewProphecy, who promptly move into Diamond 2. Get Pathox. Experience post-victory let-down again.

Winter 2018 season released. RL Friend 3 admits his spending, at this point up to $40,000, to his wife, texts me to tell me he is quitting. I hold off on telling him “I told you to stop spending a hundred times”. With all RL friends gone, and the reason I was in NewProphecy no longer there, I decide to remove myself from the team. Get accepted into the Most Glorious Collective. Make the “Musings on the Temple Raid Event” forum post, which spawns an offshoot, “On Costs, Value, and Spending”. Hit 280 and Obsidian dragons.

Still feeling distant and unengaged, drop out of team and quit playing regularly. Keep posting on forums, watching for directional indicators from PG. See Spring 2019 dragons. See Temple Raid coming up. Send email to Leader of the Most Glorious Collective. Get invited back to team for Temple Raid. Have fun. Decide to stick around.

Spring 2019 dragons released. Decide to get Ronin. Hit 300, Obsidian mythic in the queue. Harbingers next breeding event (5 weeks). Spend 2 Fort events working on back-of-base improvements. Most Glorious Collective continues to be fun. Will stay here.







@Tinsir does seem to have a collection of really awesome people. I’m glad you’re having fun there :hugs:


I started in I think July or August of 2016 shortly after the Android release. Was AMAZED by how buff Kinnara and Arborius were. Entered blue tier with our boi Drude. Discovered Amarok smashing every base on my team (can’t remember the league). Proceeded to Pokemon my way to Amarok. Interestingly enough, I was actually following a breeding path. It was just a really bad one. Spent several months being frustrated with dying to Amarok so I started building lightning towers. Didn’t work. Amarok too buff.

Fall season starts and young Zest goes for Skarr because at the time, all Zest knew was the destructive might of Amarok, Hugin, Khrysos, Kaiju, and Quetz. Proceeds to luv.

Winter season starts and Zest sees a white explosive shield on Tarand. Zest has an aneurysm. Busts his rump to finish it and proceeds to wreak havoc on level 60 nubs. Zest is king.

Not everything was bright and cheery, though. Zest had been waiting months for a feeding event so Zest was pretty weak. It never came and I ended up quitting as the new Spring season started.

Fast forward 1 year. Stumbles across Odin’s youtube channel. I don’t know how. It just appeared. I think I was set up. Watch some stuff. Become fascinated. Redownload in last 4 weeks of Spring 2018 as a level 72 with Whale and Cons. Can’t use them to breed until level 84. Sad. Apply to a rando Plat team and get accepted. Chill for a bit. Get coatl in Summer. Hate life. Saves supplies for a future season.

Cue: Duskfall. Zesty heckin Noob. Uses a platinum Coatl for an entire season on an S3 team to do PvP events and almost immolates phone until he breeds Apophet; at which time, PvP is less dreadful but still not awesome. Gets Pathox as E2P.

Hibernates for Winter within The Most Glorious Collective after being POACHED. Regrets hibernation but not being poached. Remains a poached Zest to this day. Protecc our lemons! :lemon:


Was better before they nerfed it by changing to barrier and did the same to Nightshade changing RP to invert. still cranky about those wasted runes

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Nobody is going to actually read this whole thing. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Started, wrote code for, and ran my own DaemonMuck called AfterFive.

Started, wrote code, and ran my own NeverWinter Nights Sever called Howards LOTR.

Started playing a warlock on WoW DoomHammer server. Very long and complicated history there but settled down with Relic. and a life long member there for over 11 years.

Relic clan leader cons me into playing Clash of Clans. Ended up as the clan leader for almost 2 years and transferred ownership back around 1 year ago. Still playing but mostly CWL once a month. Not doing regular wars.

Long tee up to War Dragons, but as I was leaving for business travel I stopped for lunch in the airport and got my tablet out while I waited for food. I had CoC and BoomBeach open and an employee said, “I see you are a gamer.” and I replied “Yes!” She invited me to play WD with her clan and I logged in the last week of May 2018.

Leveled to 169 with that clan, got Atlas and started on my Prims. Decided that I wanted a bigger challenge and interviewed with a D2 team. They took me on despite being a low level player with Garnet dragons. Today I’m 345 and ready to breed Rajin. I have Pathox and Surt. Looking at Ronin soon.

I keep a low profile and don’t comment on many things. Really, I’m more of a forum lurker. :rofl:


Downloaded game in September, 2016 - first game ever downloaded. Was bored in the evenings as my wife was in hospital on bedrest in advance of having second set of twins. Didn’t know it was a team-based game…but dragons are cool. Played 3 months teamless. Got lots of invites, but all had douchy platitudes in their write-ups about taking over the world and burning shit down. Despite this, figured out what sigils were for and got Scarr’s green evo stone.

Finally was invited to a team whose write-up resonated with me. Met some super cool people there, but none knew much about game mechanics. Result - Pokemon breeding and island 8 with 5 level 20 ballistae until level 90 or so. Despite this, I was appointed an officer. Team imploded under the “pressure” of Plat4, largely because leader turned out to be certifiably cuckoo.

Merged into another team that had broken away from a Saph team. Some apparently knowledgeable leaders introduced me to the breeding paths and base building strategies. Became addicted to the art and science of breeding and fortifying. Found the forums. Bought my first and only pack ever - and only because one of my teammates accidentally bought me a red envelope in a drunken stupor…had to return the favour. Became an officer. Everything going tickitee-boo until Plat1 - some of the team already struggling, some wanting that Saph badge. Officer consensus was to remain in Plat and grow from within. Consensus broken 2 weeks later by leader and a few officers, who went bump in the night. Remaining officers attend to rebuild. Going well until elevated leader again wants to push to Saph. Lots of expletives ensue.

Leave to join a former teammate helping out a Gold2 team, and to cleanse of drama and reconnect with enjoyment of the game. Superb bunch of folks. Over time, rejoined by many of the peeps I first flew and connected with. Became an officer. Climbed to Plat3. Got Atlas. Found a great alliance. Unfortunately, only 1 of us had any Atlas experience and most weren’t interested. Found ourselves in the doldrums and a crossroads. Search for a merge, as recruitment very difficult. Write forum post “The Scourge of the 35-Member Team”. As a result, connect with He Who Would Ultimately Become Leader of The Most Glorious Collective. Too late, he had found a merge for his team.

Searched for many more months. The situation became dire. Informed Atlas leadership that we needed to find a merge quickly - too many war-missers and Atlas ignorers. One of my bloodriders connected with He Who Is Now Leader of The Most Glorious Collective, who by pure happenstance were looking to backfill a number of spots. The compass of fate drew us together as we were placed in the same league. It was PvP…they trounced us. It was a sign. With a mixture of sadness and excitement, 6 of my brethren and I crossed over to The Most Glorious Collective when the event ended, where we continue to thrive and prosper.


what is this?

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Tins I believe

Sounds like a Utopia doesn’t it?


Started 09/2015
Created team at first chance
Pre seasons events and prizes was harsh for a noob
Built it to gold league I think by fall 2016, before most left to create own team, that failed.
Evolving dragons started with Sigurd :sunglasses:
Seasons started fall 2016, this is different, hey I can max a dragons stone, even though it’ll be 2-3 years later before I used said stones lol.
Winter 2016 Tarand has white explosive, :heart_eyes: from Amarok explosive destruction, max Garnet stone plz.
Spring 2017? Sage gets it as well, but I want bigger collection so don’t get max stone.
Around this time I’m starting to build team back up.
End of Fall 2017 I decide I want Mythic as F2P, rubies elite, knowing I’m not super active, on an exceptional team, or good league either, Gold, it’s going to take a good horde, probably two seasons of hoarding.
Two seasons later I’m just not liking the set of dragons so pass.
The team is coming back together after a few merges, flirting with Plat as a relaxed team no Atlas.
Fast forward 2 years Jarl is Winter 2018/19 with offensive white explosive again, max stone yes plz.
I finally like Spring 2019 dragon set so going for mythic(s) :man_shrugging: and progressing more again.

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July 2016:
Playing hungry sharks evolution, an ad pops up for a new dragon related game. Figured dragons were pretty cool and i’d already beaten sharks, so why not give it a try. Day 1 with no heal times, i flew dragons for hours upon hours straight, enjoying the game environment. Over the course of the next week i’d jump on a few more times, and despite the noticably large load time, was a fun game (that i was playing solo without a team)

August 2016:
Found my first “team” BraveSouls or something like that. There were 3 “big” players on the team showing off Hydron and Drude, so figured they knew what they were talking about. They were in Gold league back then, didn’t know what the heck the league structure was so thought it was a good place to learn. After about a few weeks on the team was collapsing so i joined the team of the largest person shooting their mouth off in league chat (Konzi from Lionadas), they also seemed to do well in wars so figured it was a well established team. Of boy was a wrong.

Sept 2016 - Feb 2017:
Was a member and then officer of Lionadas. I was the one to lead the team in base building (I was really into tower defense style games, so drawing on a ton of that information i started to develop a plan). I was the one to lead the team in events, planning, and started to write up a Wikipedia (think in depth WDGeeks style) that never came to fruition because I was constantly having to badger people to get online and get ANY points for events, or do and 1 of their 5 war runs they didn’t do that week. Overall very frustrating time, a team in Platinum where 5-8 of us where holding the entire team together. After my best in game friend and supporter left for another team, I bailed right quick and found solace in the hands of Red, who i’d grown close to on the forums. Lionadas collapsed within 2 weeks of the 2 of us leaving

March 2017 - Current:
Weasled my way into Rulith. I believe I was the 3rd lowest level member, but somehow convinced Red to give me a shot. She will claim that she stole me, but it’s really I who was the lucky one. I strictly stated that at no point was I ever to be promoted to Officer, I was here to “relax” from the officer role, and just play the game as it was supposed to be played.

That lasted all of a few months, before we started to collaborate on stuff. And by stuff I mean base building, dragon breeding, doing team reviews of all bases, started to gather data on events and I finally got the time to start up the old Wikipedia I was writing again. This is when we as a small collective decided that we would do our best to share all the information we could we all the players we could. None of this secretiveness, we were going to help the community and do it openly (with the small hope that the people we helped wouldn’t in turn use our information we provided against us to destroy us).

Overall, I was moved to an officer position against my will for a while, became a record keeper and analyzer of data, wrote a base building guide and event guides for WDGeeks, took over the fort planner tool and fixed it’s database (errors and a huge level prediction error) and formulas, started my Vault of information that I eventually went public with, developed other planners and tools, and tried my best to help out the community while keeping false information to a minimum. I took a role for half a year as a moderator on the WDAddicts facebook page before getting overloaded with work (and dumb people on the page). I’ve been to the Dragon summit as a member of the GPF, i’ve helped out in whatever ways i could to help bring balance and fun back into certain aspects of the game, and I hope that PG follows through with the plethora of stuff still in their queue, I know i’ll be fighting for it :smiley:


I started playing in April, 2015 when the game was first introduced. I met one of the best guys in the game named Rakic, and was an original member of Ancients Ascent when he founded the team. We added many great players along the way including Ragnar, Bulldog, Mt Man Rob and I believe Willow was an original member as well.

We made it to diamond and it was quite an accomplishment. Dread was still on top back then and ED was the founder and leader at that time. AA got up to 3rd in global and actually won a custom portrait from the great contest. The team started to split up as many teams do. We lost 2 members to EQ and 2 bigs, Smo went to Dread and Xonn retired. (Many of you know him as the perch base) . I could not keep up the pace of spending to stay in diamond, so I retired as well. My wife would probably have kicked me out if I hadn’t :joy:

I quit for a few years but maintained my account. I retired in real life and decided to start playing again. I had to learn Atlas ( it wasn’t around before) as well as all the new dragons and spells . I’m glad I came back because I do love the game. I’m in Plat 1 now and very happy. It has been a great ride! Cheers and respect to everyone who loves the game and enjoys it like this old man :muscle:

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I’m finding it very interesting where everyone started and how they got where they are. Thanks to everyone that has posted so far!


I discovered War Dragons in an ad while playing Hungry Sharks Evolution, too.

Almost three years later… well… I still muster the will to log in daily, but it’s getting tough.


March 2018:
Encountered WD via an in-game ad in…I forget. Some sort of quiz game that I’d gotten roped into playing. Liked the ads that made it look like I could really fly the dragon.

Started playing WD, and was slightly disappointed that the dragon just flies on rails, but enjoyed the game anyway. Joined a Bronze team, mainly because I couldn’t get find another way to get rid of the “JOIN A TEAM” popup box. Was even more disappointed to find that it was about 50% inactive players and 50% people who were online for 5 minutes a day who didn’t know much more about the game than I did.

April 2018:
Got recruited to a…Gold IV(?) team, Nightscrawlers. They had a lot of active people, a few much higher-level people (even one around 300), and were generally friendly and helpful. Learned a lot about the game, how to build a base, find a breeding path, etc. Generally had fun. Deeply regretted not getting Fomhar, but I didn’t realize at the time how good white spells were.

July-ish 2018:
Team was doing well, and moving up (okay, still in Gold, but moving up). Apparently it had been intended as a feeder team, but we were now doing better in events than the original team, which was suffering from some inactive players. Leader decided to start a new team, and take the active players from both teams.

Started with SINN3RS in Bronze. Discovered that Bronze is really even more of a mess than I realized - entire teams that couldn’t be attacked because every player is “inactive or banned.” Fought our way up into Plat, and held our place there waiting for Atlas. Struggling to recruit, because we didn’t have Atlas, and struggling to win events and wars against teams that had Atlas benefits.

February 2019:
PG announces that they will not be rolling out Atlas to Plat teams anymore - just to Sapphire+. Deeply discouraging, since we’d worked hard to try to build a successful team, but knew we had no real chance of getting to Sapphire.

March 2019:
Searching for Atlas teams that we could take over. No shortage of inactive Atlas teams, but few with auto-accept and fewer still with leaders who logged on to talk to us. Finally encounter xHellionsx, run by the alt of a former player on the team, and get the go-ahead to move in and run with it.

April 2019:
Working our way back up to Plat again with xHellionsx. Was horrified on hitting Gold I again and finding that many of the teams have several players in the 300, 400, 500 range, while we were (and are) still working off a few strong 200+ players. Didn’t stop us from winning in PvP, but eeeesh.

Learning Atlas, and practically drooling over the chance to start getting Elite gear. Still working on getting a castle, and on recruiting good people, but I guess we’ll see what next month holds. :woman_shrugging:


In September 2016 while I was looking for something new I stumbled over WD game. I liked the dragons and the environment and here I am starting playing it. I somehow landed in a Japanese team where everyone spoke English only Friday. A great team and the people were really helpful but the language barrier was too much. So around level 54 I joined the team I am now in. I was trooper, then I was muscle, then officer and now I am it’s leader. I wanted to quit this game several times but the only thing that kept me still playing are the amazing people we have in our team. WD is not just a game, it’s a place where people from all over the world meet.

P.S. I hate that this breeding event we have no mythics to breed so a 0 points event in the making :unamused:


I can relate