Howi tower dillema. To upgrade or not?

Hi, I would like to have your advice.
I’m lvl 361, f2p with a short base.
My summer seasonal goal is to reach lvl 400. (Fort planner say i have/will have the timers)
I’ve completed to howi line and considering adding it to the base.
Should I upgrade it to lvl 69/72 in the first fort event of the season or leave it and upgrade my kill island (2 flaks, 2 turrents) to lvl 69/72 instead ?
If i upgrade the howi cannon, the other towers will not be maxed until the second fort event.
How do you think I should proceed ?

Max the kill island always. Until you can keep 10 towers maxed (closer to 500 than 400) you need to always keep the kill island maxed. Everything else is secondary.


PS: swap the ice flak onto your kill island instead of the fire turret. The ice flak will help you take down dragons more. You need to keep all 5 towers on the kill island maxed before you worry about levelling up any more towers on island 2 though. Leaving your mages and storm towers a lower level is not a great idea.

Summer season you should be able to transform one of those useless turrets into a howitzer so you’re not starting from scratch. Making sure your kill is maxed is always the most important before even thinking about starting a new tower.

And as AquariusOne said, swap the ice flak and the fire turret.


Thanks, I will investigate this option.

Dont think it will open yet for transforming. Just do his branch allone for the timers in it, even you dont upgrade that tower now, you gain a net win for your base.

I agree

My suggestion you move your farms to kill island and on long island you place all your attack towers .
Transform your ice tower and fire torrent into lightning towers with no xp lost and put them in the back level up your howitzer and put it in the back next to the lightning towers you transform.

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