Howitzer glitch

what about this howitzer range bug we had no news for some times its really annoying can we get an update on a fix @PGGalileo


Its not only Howi, mages affected as well( getting hit before even face an island)


i love the howi range its the advertised range makes flying tricky

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Well again, only if your dragon is a hunter and can cloak. For all others its not fun :nerd_face:


Not only Howitzer, but also Lightning Tower and Pylon obviously attack faster than before.

It is written on PG tracker that they are investigating the cause.

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Hmmm maybe I didn’t just get randomly worse at flying with dragons i flew very often…

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Am I a lucky one? Cause the howie bug or any tower related bug, it isn’t happening to me. Or is the bug gonna come to me slowly?

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Having a video would support your claim

Not really a need for a video its a well-known bug that pg is well aware of i just want an update on a fix and the sooner the better.

Doesnt make flying tricky, it makes most dragons complete garbage as they’re getting slammed well before they can even see the tower, much less do anything about it.

This just goes to show that it’s a good think the howitzer wasnt as advertised. The tower people complained they didnt get would have been OP af


The main complaint wasnt the end results with howitzer
it was the content delivery that was unacceptable :+1:
And yep it would have been OP if released as advertised!

That tower is just like a flak learn how to stutter it or blink constantly

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It is sad how silent PG has been on this… I bet they are deciding how profitable it would be to leave it as is if they add several howi lines this season instead of fixing it…


While I agree with the sentiment of the released Howi being a good addition to the game and an effective tower (and I prefer it to the current version), the “boosted” version of howi is not necessarily OP, at least with it still being limited to one per base. It makes it tricky flying but there are ways around it. Simply equipping reverse will deal with that tower. Now if it’s not fixed when they allow more per base, then I would agree it is OP.

All that said, I hope it reverts back to normal and am glad it was not released as advertised. If I remember correctly I was one that was irritated/disappointed that it wasn’t released as advertised but it has shown to be a good tower as released; and with more than one being projected to be able to be put on a base, it should remain as released

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Not if it is protected by a back red mage or there’s a front ice flak to negate/block reverse. Right now it is very OP. If the damage was less then the long range could be justified but it one shots or nearly one shots most dragons before you can even see it

With it how it is Lockjaw is basically useless

You know this game isnt just about hunters, right? Also it’s not really like a flak, no flak has the ability to kill you before you can see it.

Normal howitzers are fine, but this Howiglitch is ridiculous and needs to be fixed asap.


Thank you :ok_hand:

Well It hasn’t happened to me…yet

So is PG just going to ignore this or… why do I suspect what I was suspecting is indeed the truth…

Is @PGGalileowhateverhisnameis turning out to be like every other PG rep thus far? Hmmmm interesting.


Best post allways get flagged dunno why lol. @MikeH8sDisGame1
Its clear to say that the whole tower ss and ranges are broken right now. And for a week now. Any non cloak dragon right now has big issues or gets one shooted…


iits in there fix list!