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LFM – Silver2howlingmoonslevel60 required

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Time Zone:N/A
Played time:Active/Very Active
Age Range:
Elite Account?:N/A
Dragon Roster Includes:N/A
Highest Lineage Dragon:N/A

About:We are a family that stick together no matter what if you’re not loyal than this probably isn’t the team for you. If you’re inactive for a period of time either the betas leader or auto kick will kick you out We are skipping silver1 possibly

Hey there! I’d highly recommend trying to join a Gold team, if you 6 are active and play regularly. You may find it much easier to join an established team versus starting a new team, from scratch.

Either way, good luck!


Oh… I actually didn’t make it my in game daughter did I was kicked from my old one so I joined them

Well, there are many gold teams that can take all of you and that would give a better payout.

We’re all happy where we are our leader even turned down one of the creators invites

What’s a creator invite? :face_with_monocle:


:woman_facepalming:t3: It’s a faction team from the creator that our leader turned down

You speak in riddles. Who is that faction and who is the creator?

Just nvm

Iv seen plenty of plat 4 teams with the same requrements, i think your being a bit too optimistic


Level requirement has been lowered a bit now it’s 41

Still, why are you imposing minimum level which is greater than 70% of your current members?

I don’t know I guess we’re just like that I don’t question my leader though

Maybe it’s time you do.

All good having plans of grandeur for a team, but if your getting nowhere, time to reassess the team goals, and look for a merger.

Just my 2 cents.


We’re fine decides we’re going to gold4 today

Now in gold4

We could really use members now

Please join us if you’re looking for a team

Level limit is now 15

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