Hows the new dragon rider(deff rider) work with rider gear?

norm the type of rider matches a element type for a dragon. i was curious how this riders gear page is gonna work? also was curious if people thought it was worth it to do the second page if not for gear depending on answers to the first question, for the black pearls(1045 total) only? [in terms of sigils for second question?]

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Any gearless rider can be bonded to any dragon. Once the rider equips a gear, it can only be bonded to dragons with the same element as the gear

so for the deff rider. the first dragon it gets attached too it becomes that element? or did i read that wrong.

E.g. Gearless Tanok can be bonded to any dragon.
Once Tanok equips Fire gear, he can only be bonded to fire dragon (most likely he will be removed from the dragon if the gear doesn’t match). The element of the dragon itself won’t change

kk cool in that case. if the gear isn’t what i want. is it worth it to do second page you think for blackpearl or not worth that many sigils? (everything on second page minus gear +blackpearl)

should you desire, for 400 rubies total, you can remove all the gear you put on a rider and put different gear on that rider if you want to switch to a different element dragon.

Dragons have an element, riders do not - their gear does, but you can change that gear.

Make sense?

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I get that i was just curious wht element if any the gear would be for the half off deff rider. and how the gear would work if it wasn’t to any element if it would stay that way once bonded to a dragon.

The gear on page 2 for Tanok is fire based.

I will probably get his gear on page 2 since he is going on Rhyo on a perch.

Just to be clear on this, a rider is only defined as an element by its gear.

If you take a naked Tanok and you can bond it to any dragon. If I put Tanok on Hugin, only wind gear can be equipped. Tanok can still be bonded to any dragon, the naked rider has no element and can still be bonded with any dragon.

For my alt, I have no atlas and plan to get the fire gear page and use Danzig on my perch with gear. Next dragon will be Mehattan when I get him.

Just with a naked rider and a green dragon perch (level 19/20 ish) I get a 50% defense boost with the rider (went from a 3.23M defense to about 5M defense) just by adding a naked rider. I don’t have black pearls to upgrade further, but will be getting them from the 2nd page to upgrade to at least level 30 to get a bigger boost, and also get the gear on him.

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but the black pearl from second page only help get you up one level of perch only :rofl:

My goodness I didn’t realize how low those prizes are (I wasn’t going for page 2 either way)


it is too soon to decide. we need to wait for the rest of the season. If the rest are worthless dragon too, rider 2nd page isnt bad as a prize

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