HP and Atk runes on perched dragons?

Do HP and Attack dragon runes have any effect on perched dragons? Or is it a waste of runes?

On a related note, does upgrading a perch to next level increase HP or attack of the same perched dragon? Neon perch stats page suggests so:

That page also mentions that damage figures are for a specific dragon, but no such comment on HP. So I am a bit confused on the details of how perch HP and attack depend on both the dragon and the perch level.

:point_up: this one

It increases the hp and attack of the perch. The hp of the perch is unrelated to the dragon on it, it’s just the hp for a perch that level (just like other towers). The attack is a multiplier on the attack of the dragon.


Thank you very much, it is getting clearer now!

Oooo another question just while a similar thread is here, does dragon LEVEL have anything to do with power? Like level 1 gloomclaw vs level 20 gloomclaw. Or no change?

Yes it does. The perch damage is a multiplier on the base damage of the dragon, so a higher level dragon will have higher damage output.


Ooooo okay, thanks!

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