HUD modifications

HUD modifications. Possible idea. I’ve accidentally hit swap too many times to count. Let me shrink it.


Yea I like this; nice way to customize spell and button placements to fit play style. Idk how many times I’ve hit the wrong spell cuz I’m so used to another dragons spell arrangement!

Not opposed to it per say, but buttons at top would mess with you sniping those far towers with 1 shot spells. That way they never target you. Best of luck and happy flying.


Maybe instead of them being on top. Why not move swap to the left side, under the damage percentage and auto on the right side

He probably doesn’t care according to one of his posts. :joy:

But yeah, I do like the idea of being able to customize the button locations myself, hopefully without any presets apart from the current defaults as I want to move them where I won’t ever going to accidentally tap on.

Custom layout would be best I think then. Try a layout and if it don’t work readjust :blush:


Yes, I know, it’s just concept.

Different sizes, opaqueness, colour maybe, and moving buttons on a grid lock would be all that’s necessary. Probably needs less than that, but it’d cover everything I think. Not many quality of life things when it comes to flying in the game, despite that being the majority of the game.

If the swap button is changed to a swipe type button it would reduce miss-tapping.


Also be able to reduce and increase size of buttons ect

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Im not against it but I also dont see the issue so much. I havent accidentally swapped since they reduced the size of the swap button. I definitely would never want it at the top of the screen where it would block being able to see what’s ahead of you. As an Android user I get that stupid immortal banner glitch every gauntlet so I know from experience how much of a pain having something up there blocking your view is. I would say though maybe rotate the swap and auto buttons 90 degrees so they’re more like the rage bar tucked up against the right side of the screen

I would like if we could organize the order of the spell icons. I’ve noticed that the order is sometimes different for IOS and Android (which is weird). Having them stacked like you have them though would block being able to hit towers on the left side of an island.


Yes, as stated, the image was for portraying the idea, not for practical application. I would personally put Xul’s ammo spell in the top left under the flames,as that’s where my fingers are when using it. Might even be beneficial to modify the hud for specific dragons, I’ve already seen someone mention that different dragons have different spell locations which cause a mix up.