Huge base defense jump


Sometime this morning my base defense jumped from 7mil to 9mil without me changing a thing. My mini jumped from 417K to 500K again without me changing a thing. Has anyone else noticed a jump in there base defense this morning?

Edit** for reference my base typically ranges from 7mil to 7.4mil.
And this was before the event started


Yes, mine went from 15.7 to 18.7 mil. I finished a 32 archer but I didn’t think it would affect it that much.


Mine went from 99.7 mil to 135mil without changing anything…


31.8M to 36M before event even started :exploding_head:


The Defense Power Number for Fire Turret, Ice Turret, Elemental Dark Flak Tower, Elemental Fire Flak Tower increased in the our recent DCON/update.

It was an action taken to reflect each tower’s actual strength and to represent players’ Defense Power more accurately.

For example, Level 10 Fire Turret’s representative defense number was increased from 759 to 1009 (Number varies based on research upgrades, etc).

Please note that this change is only reflected in players’ Defense Power.


Awesome :+1:t3: Thanks for the info!


Question: Fire towers are fairly poor power wise. In fact they are the second worst tower in game after ballistas (which frankly needs to be removed from the game)

Not an opinion, simply math – their damage per second is low. Compared to say an archer tower. Their special ability is somewhat useful, but when factored in to other towers special shots, its perhaps just me consolidating myself for spending a 1000 days of timers on something thats sub par

Any reason why they have an artificially inflated defense number? I completely understand the other turrets you mentioned, but fire turret?

Thoughts please?

Fire turrets seem in need of a rate of fire adjustment, so they are on par with other elemental towers. (my opinion - not fact)


Any chance you can provide how the defence number works across the multiple screens. Eg player looking at your base, me look at mine and profile screen?


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