Huge delay in atlas again


I just did several runs on poachers and mines. And I got no GOLD from those runs. Wasted several heals for nothing again like yesterday
And I try to send gold to bank or basically try to upgrade anything, I get this spinning circle

And when I tried to expedite building, I got the same spinning circle

@PgDave @pgecho please check

Bank transfers going missing or being delayed for hours

Transfers in general have been really laggy and that’s not good when trying to do big upgrades. I may have accidentally created rss a few times while trying to send lol :see_no_evil:


Yeah but I can’t speed up anything at all. Can’t upgrade our infrastructure due to this


We’re currently investigating this.

(Issue ID 60740)


My team just told me they got 0 gold from Mines again tonight :upside_down_face:


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