Huge network delayed today

Not sure if this been reported here or not. But we have huge delay in game.
Same sometimes can’t load or kick backer due to network error
Chat disappearing and appearing randomly
@PGJared @Arelyna please check

Below is the screenshot of game stuck on loading file for more than 5 minutes


While we are talking about delays, there are an unusually high amount of network errors when defending, both on loading supershots and getting kicked out inbetween rounds.
There were 2-6 of us just defending teammates and we all experienced this multiple times over the half hour we were on. Hopefully this isn’t the new norm?


I redirect you to this.

There are lot of issues today. Many are written there.

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I think that post is describing a performance crash, while this one is talking about network issues. I know it did dwelve a little on network issues over there, but it’s nice to have a special topic for it :smiley:

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That is another issue regarding Android :joy:. This one is happening for both iOS and Android.
And this has been happening the whole day today.

The missing Android birds and workers are taking out the network due to not being represented.

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@PGJared did you forget to feed your hamsters that run the network servers? Can you feed them pls? Wars are almost impossible with this delay

I thought all network related issues linked to one topic would be good, so i attached the link to it.
I am very irritated and hesitating to invite others to attack. All lumber i would get is being lost.

Yeah I feel u. Last night my game locked out due to network error for 5 minutes and I lost 200k wood :sob:

yes. facing same issue but I thought it was either my network or 3.92 release. but checked again with different data network and same network slowness/lag. I can’t followup or defend. I raised ticket and usual drag of reinstall which did not solve the issue.

Dependent on your ISP, Comcast is having nation-wide outages today (Wednesday January 3rd) since early this morning. Most impacted areas are the Great Lake region and mid-Atlantic to the Northeast.

I’m in Canada, plus my teammates are having same issue like me as well (they are all over the world)
Either way, PG needs to check for the root of this

I haven’t experienced any issues and most people haven’t (I don’t see any other threads about it) which suggests its not a PG problem per se, but how your data is trying to get to PG and back out again.

I agree they can look into it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t see anything locally.

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A) there’s a thread linked above where many other people are experiencing these issues,
B) diamond LC is abuzz as well as various chatrooms I am in.
C) there’s a mix of LTE and wifi users on my team si it’s not just an Comcast outage.

Spectrum/AT&T/Verizon LTE here, experiencing similar issues.

i wrote a ticket to support aswell…

whole day defending wasnt possible, connection was very sick!
atlas was very stupid to play… i got attacked, and a game what i would win for 100% as a defender, i lost because me and my 2 friends just felt out…

Same with our war… it was all by all a stupid situation with that connection daylong… Hope it will be fixed, otherwise its meaningless to fight!.

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I figured it now.
PG has Comcast ISP at their server location!!! :see_no_evil:

Edit: I am not from US. I don’t know the location of secret PG dataservers (most likely not in office). And i tried 3 seperate wifi and mobile networks and it still kicks me out of attack every time when dragon is swapped, and crazy network delay in defense.

Here’s the Comcast outage map:

The “secret game servers” are hosted by Google and AWS. So, maybe they forgot to pay the bills. :stuck_out_tongue:

They probably need to “upgrade” their servers. :roll_eyes:

Oh well. Life in the cloud is rough.

It is happening on both of my Android devices. Not network delays just loading and being kicked out.